The Challenge’s Johnny Bananas and Corinne Olympios address dating situation after House of Villains

johnny bananas from the challenge usa 2
Johnny Bananas has remained coy about whether he’s dating his House of Villains castmate. Pic credit: MTV

Is Johnny Bananas dating his House of Villains castmate, Corinne Olympios? That’s the burning question viewers want to know.

The Bachelor star recently dropped by for a podcast episode with the multiple-time Challenge champion featuring wine as part of the event.

During part of their chat, they laughed over parts of their scenes on House of Villains getting cut out.

Corinne requested Bananas pour her more wine, and she joked about him “having mediocre sex” because it wouldn’t be with her.

After they clinked their glasses together, Corinne told Bananas, “I love ya.”

“I love you more, but I still feel the need to see other people,” Bananas joked, with Corinne giving him a weird look.

Bananas and Corinne discuss if they’re dating

After Bananas told Corinne that he’d only been joking with her, she told him, “It’s fine. You’re seeing other people. We’re all seeing other people.”

She then said they needed to answer the fans’ questions about whether or not they were dating.

“I think you’re just a p***y,” Corrine told him, prompting him to ask why.

“And why is that, Corrine? Go ahead,” he taunted his guest as if there was more to the story.

After Corinne chugged her glass of wine, Bananas asked for a “butter knife so [they] could cut all the sexual tension” between them.

Ahead of House of Villains, Bananas teased potential showmances with his castmates, with Corinne one of the possible showmances. Despite it being a featured story on the show, no indications have arrived that they’re officially dating outside of the show.

Fans react to Bananas and Corinne together

In the comments section of Bananas’ video clip, many fans were seemingly in favor of seeing Bananas and Corinne dating if they’re not already.

“Dammit Bananas just answer the question? Lol,” one of his fans wrote.

Another suggested, “This is the couple we’ve all been waiting for,” and told Bananas, “Just do it Johnny.”

“I knew they were dating!” another commented, while one individual speculated, “Definitely something there.”

commenters react to johnny bananas and corinne olympios
Fans weigh in on possible House of Villains showmances. Pic credit: @johnnybananas/Instagram

Are Bananas and Corinne dating?

Unfortunately for fans, neither Bananas nor Corinne said they’re officially dating after filming House of Villains together. However, there might be something there based on their chemistry and interactions.

Along with their potential showmance story featured on House of Villains, the two reality TV stars have hung out several times outside the show, including at a Halloween event and an opening of Bananas’ Rumble boxing studio in Florida.

Previous fan rumors suggested Bananas hooked up with a Big Brother star during an event promoting the show. However, Bananas and the other reality TV star never confirmed or denied that.

He seemingly swore off showmances, at least on The Challenge, ahead of his appearance on The Challenge: USA 2 spinoff on CBS. Ahead of that, he’d entered another showmance with his castmate Moriah Jadeah on MTV’s Ride or Dies, which led to hanging out after filming but no official relationship.

It’s also led to some remarks from Moriah recently after hearing podcast comments by Bananas’ former castmate from The Challenge.

While many fans are rooting for Bananas and Corinne as a couple, time will tell if they are official or just having some flirty fun as castmates.

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