The Challenge’s Nurys Mateo reveals big update in her relationship with Horacio Gutierrez

nurys mateo and horacio gutierrez from the challenge
A big move is on the way for The Challenge’s Nurys and Horacio. Pic credit: MTV

Many showmances on The Challenge are just for show during the reality TV presentation, but some become lasting relationships.

So far, things seem to be going strong for one of the newest couples to meet on MTV’s competition show, Nurys Mateo and Horacio Gutierrez.

Both reality TV stars debuted on Ride or Dies, although they had different teammates during the season.

They’re both back for Season 39, aka Battle For a New Champion, where they might be allies but will also become lovers.

While their relationship’s origin story has yet to be presented on the screen, it’s widely known that the two castmates have been dating since filming Battle For a New Champion.

In a recent series of Q&A answers, Nurys shared a major update about her and Horacio’s relationship away from the show.

Nurys talks about a big move for her and Horacio

A Challenge fan account recently shared several of Nurys’ responses from her Instagram Q&A in which she spoke about Season 39 and her situation with Horacio.

In one of her slides, she mentioned that almost every question she’d received asked for details about her and Horacio’s relationship. Nurys said she couldn’t provide too many details yet.

“You guys literally just have to tune in and keep watching and see how everything unfolds, because yeah,” she teased about Season 39 before asking fans, “Who do you guys think made the first move, me or him?”

In another slide, Nurys said things have become serious enough between her and Horacio that they’ll be moving in together.

“So I live in LA, and he lives in Texas, but the plan when he gets back from filming is to move together. I think at first he’ll be coming to live with me in LA, and then, we’re gonna end up doing the big move to Texas together,” she shared.

Nurys revealed in another slide that Horacio was currently away filming an All-Stars version of his original competition show, Exatlon Estados Unidos. She said viewers who want to watch can check him out Sunday through Friday on Telemundo and that Horacio won’t return from filming until “February-ish.”

Nurys answered a few other questions in her slides, where she gave her thoughts about Melissa Reeves and Kyland Young and commented about if anyone betrayed her that she didn’t expect during Season 39.

Nurys and Mateo have showmance during Season 39

In a recent sneak peek clip for Battle For a New Champion, Horacio is featured as a narrator talking in his confessional interview about all the “flirtatious vibes” in The Challenge house as various footage is shown.

He brings up other castmates with showmances, including Melissa and Kyland, and Michele Fitzgerald and Callum Izzard.

However, Horacio claims he’s staying out of all that because he’s more focused on winning the competition show than exploring another showmance.

Viewers saw Horacio in a brief situation with castmate Laurel Stucky during The Challenge: Ride or Dies, while Nurys had showmances with Johnny Middlebrooks and then Jordan Wiseley.

Both of Nurys’ situations brought drama due to their teammates or significant others having certain feelings.

While Horacio said he’s trying to stay out of the showmance picture for Season 39, several camera shots of Nurys were shown in the recent Season 39 sneak peek, teasing their upcoming situation.

Monsters and Critics reported The Challenge Season 39 spoilers during filming several months ago, which gave a glimpse at the drama, fights, and showmances that could arrive. Horacio is on the showmance list twice, as he also has a little something with Sofia “Jujuy” Jimenez during the filming.

However, the other showmance features Nurys and Mateo, so it’s likely to get significant time as a story on Battle For a New Champion.

The couple went official with posts on social media ahead of the first Season 39 episode airing, so viewers are anxious to see what unfolds between them during The Challenge!

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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