The Challenge’s Melissa Reeves defends friend Big T Fazakerley from castmate amid rumored drama

melissa reeves in a promo video for the challenge
Melissa Reeves called out Big T’s Challenge castmate after rumored drama on the show. Pic credit: @thechallenge/YouTube

Former The Challenge finalist Melissa Reeves has her friend Tula “Big T” Fazakerley’s back following a recent online battle with a castmate.

As Monsters and Critics reported earlier this month, Big T unfollowed several Challenge castmates, including Corey Lay.

Corey appeared as a rookie in the Spies, Lies & Allies season, which featured Big T in her fourth appearance on MTV’s show.

While the two never had beef during the season, something has happened since, resulting in animosity between them.

However, Melissa decided to fire back at Corey after he and Big T posted several messages about one another on social media.

Please note this report may contain minor spoilers for an upcoming season of MTV’s The Challenge.

Melissa calls out Corey L following drama with Big T

Taking to Twitter on Saturday, Total Madness finalist Melissa sent a message to Corey, letting him know not to go after her friend.

She also indicated that maybe she and Corey weren’t on good terms, as he previously told a fan online.

“If you have problems with T, you have problems with me. You know I get it…If I needed a call back, air time or attention I’d start an argument with me or T too…. Seek Respect, not attention, it last longer,” Melissa tweeted.

melissa reeves fires back at corey l on twitter
Pic credit: @DJMelReeves/Twitter

Melissa’s tweet arrives after a previous series of messages involving Corey and Big T. After a superfan account posted about how Big T unfollowed Corey and other Challenge castmates, he said he would’ve unfollowed her first but was “busy all summer.”

Additional messages featured Big T calling out her castmate’s anger and hatred. During their tweets, Corey suggested he was still good with Big T’s friend, Melissa.

However, her latest comments seem to suggest they aren’t good if there is an ongoing issue between Corey and her friend Big T.

Spoilers suggest drama or potential fight between castmates

Monsters and Critics reported The Challenge Season 39 cast would include all three individuals above, with Melissa and Big T returning to the show.

Viewers last saw Big T in Spies, Lies & Allies and last saw Melissa in Total Madness, where she reached the final but was disqualified as she was fatigued due to being pregnant, unbeknownst to her then.

In her time away from The Challenge, Melissa began raising her baby daughter, but she’s kept in touch with castmates and considers Big T among her best friends. Big T took a season off to pursue an education in culinary arts before returning for Season 39.

Spoilers shared some of Season 39’s fights, drama, showmances, and hookups several weeks ago. It was revealed that Big T and Melissa had fights or drama involving Corey and their castmate Hughie Maughan.

Additionally, one fight saw Melissa throw a drink at another castmate and get fined by production, but that may have been an unrelated incident.

The nature of all these fights or bits of drama is still unknown. However, it seems that whatever went down caused a rift between Big T and Corey, with Melissa now standing up for her friend.

The Challenge: USA 2 airs Thursdays at 10/9c and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS. The Challenge Season 39 is TBA on MTV.

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