The Challenge’s Lolo Jones fires back at fan claiming she ‘gave up’ on Double Agents mission

lolo jones on the challenge double agents episode 8
The Challenge: Double Agents rookie Lolo Jones replied to a fan saying she “gave up” during a mission. Pic credit: MTV

The seventh episode of The Challenge: Double Agents featured a number of the competitors not really competing.

The male competitors were criticized heavily for their lack of performance in the episode, but there were also female competitors trying to lose on purpose.

Rookie competitor Lolo Jones was apparently part of a plan to have a particular female competitor win her heat, which brought some criticism her way from a fan.

However, she cleared things up for the fan about why she didn’t compete in the episode.

Aerial Takedown was a Challenge letdown

The Double Agents Episode 7 mission was called Aerial Takedown. It involved competitors of the same sex competing in groups of five. They all had to hold onto a full cargo net that a helicopter was flying over frigid water.

The objective was to knock your other opponents off into the water and be the competitor who did so the quickest. However, a few of the groups didn’t bother with all that.

The male competitors didn’t really compete, except for someone knocking Mechie Harris off into the water. They all got disqualified for staying on the net as time ran out.

Lolo Jones’ group included other rookies and veteran Theresa Jones. Theresa and the rookies came up with a strategy where one would win fast, with the others falling off into the water.

Theresa was supposed to be the competitor on the cargo net last, with the others falling off.

It happened, but Amber Borzotra didn’t fall off as quickly as Theresa wanted, which led to issues between them in the episode. Kaycee Clark ended up winning, as she was in the other female heat and won in a quicker time than Theresa did.

That ultimately made Kaycee and her partner Leroy Garrett the Double Agents power couple, and Theresa couldn’t prevent her partner Jay Starrett from going into elimination.

Overall, there could have been a lot more fight put up from the various competitors, rather than just one group of females really competing.

Lolo fires back at fan about Double Agents mission

Many viewers called out competitors after the Episode 7 mission, including a former NFL quarterback, and of course, fans. However, most fans were calling out the male competitors.

A fan on Twitter called out Lolo for criticizing her partner, Nam Vo, in the previous episode and then giving up in Aerial Takedown.

“Nam told me to throw it so I did. It was guys elimination. He didn’t want to be a target. I asked him if he wanted me to win it and he said no the guys were throwing it. He never wanted to compete. Go to him with ur complaints,” Lolo replied to the fan.

lolo jones replies to fan claiming she gave up on the challenge double agents mission
Pic credit: @lolojones/Twitter

The fan’s comment refers to the Episode 6 mission called Smuggle Run.

It involved teams having to transport a heavy, awkward capsule through a five-mile foot race. There were some obstacle checkpoints along the way, and the objective was to be the first team to cross the finish line.

Theresa and Jay Starrett won.

Jones, an Olympic athlete, was frustrated at her and partner Nam Vo’s performance in that mission. Particularly, she was mad they didn’t at least run their capsule across the finish line, even after they’d already lost.

Instead, they walked it across the line, which frustrated Lolo because she always likes to finish strong.

Based on earlier footage on Double Agents and comments from castmate Nany Gonzalez on the Aftermath show, Lolo had a thing for Nam and was frustrated with their relationship a lot.

Nany said Lolo would often seek her out to talk about what happened.

Based on the synopsis for Episode 8, Lolo will be frustrated once again, but this time due to a potential conflict with an opposing player. Could an appearance in an elimination event be looming for the rookie?

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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