The Challenge’s Jonna Mannion reveals team to beat in World Championship spinoff

jonna mannion in world championship spinoff
Jonna Mannion in The Challenge: World Championship. Pic credit: @TheChallenge/YouTube

Jonna Mannion is back for another installment of The Challenge on Paramount Plus, but it’s not All Stars this time.

The winner of All Stars 2 and 3 is part of the cast of MTV Legends appearing in The Challenge: World Championship, a global competition on Paramount Plus.

It features 13 other Legends with her, including Johnny Bananas, Tori Deal, Kaycee Clark, Jordan Wiseley, and Darrell Taylor, among other Challenge winners and finalists.

There are also 16 MVPs who come from spinoffs of The Challenge in the USA, UK, Argentina, and Australia.

Each MVP gets to team up with one of the Legends, making for some interesting pairs in the game.

However, loyalty runs amongst the various shows, and according to Jonna, there is one country that is the team to beat.

Jonna says Australia is the team to beat for The Challenge: World Championship

During her appearance on the Official Challenge Podcast, two-time All Stars winner Jonna talked about her appearance in the World Championship spinoff. She was the first overall pick by MVP Grant Crapp from The Challenge: Australia, which surprised her a lot.

She revealed all the conversations she’d had with Grant up to that point seemed to be about Tori and how she was coming off the win on The Challenge: Ride or Dies. However, Grant chose Jonna as a two-time winner, and it appears to be a smart move early in the season.

With that, Jonna said she believes Australia is the team to beat, and not just because she’s teamed with someone from the show. She also talked about the strength of their other players and Legends’ teammates.

She brought up Kiki Morris, proving herself in the opening MVPs elimination of the season, and Troy Cullen, the other winner coming from The Challenge: Australia.

Jonna mentioned Kiki being partnered with Darrell, a four-time winner of The Challenge, and Troy with Amber, a recent winner of Spies, Lies & Allies on MTV.

The other Australian player is Emily Seebohn, who viewers saw had issues with castmate Kiki after their season of The Challenge.

“Emily’s an Olympic swimmer, and Yes [Duffy] won our first season [of All Stars],” Jonna added.

Along with the Australians, Jonna brought up USA’s Tori and Danny McCray as a strong team as well as Jordan and his UK teammate Kaz Crossley.

“Every single team either has an Olympian, ex-professional athlete, or a champion,” Jonna said of the stacked cast of competitors.

Who has been eliminated from World Championship so far?

The Challenge: World Championship has presented three episodes so far, and four players have been eliminated from the game.

One of those players, The Challenge: UK’s Nathan Henry, was medically disqualified from the show and had to leave within the first episode.

Meanwhile, a women’s elimination featured MVPs Claudia Albertario from Argentina and Kiki Morris from The Challenge: Australia. Kiki showed her grit and toughness in defeating Claudia in Pole Wrestle to send the Argentinian player home.

The Challenge: World Championship Episode 3 brought the first partners’ elimination of the season. Since Nelson Thomas and Argentina’s Jujuy Jimenez finished in last place in the daily challenge, they automatically went into elimination. They had to face KellyAnne Judd and Tristan Phipps, who were sent in by the daily winners, Jonna and Grant.

The teams played Tether Brawl, and unfortunately, Nelson couldn’t figure out how to swing his partner so she could grab the hanging puzzle blocks in the center of The Arena. KellyAnne retrieved all eight blocks, and her teammate Tristan built the eight-block high puzzle for the win.

With that, the first Legends player of the season was ousted from the game, and KellyAnne seemed to be fired up as she returned to the house, realizing her friend Jonna wasn’t on her side.

The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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