The Challenge’s Jemmye Carroll reveals who she’d pick for her World Championship partner

jemmye carroll who she would pick first for world championship
The Challenge’s Jemmye Carroll said she wouldn’t choose Wes first in the World Championship spinoff. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: World Championship spinoff show features 14 MTV Legends who arrived at the global competition to team up with MVPs.

Those MVPs include winners, finalists, and other competitors from The Challenge: Australia, Argentina, UK, and USA spinoffs.

At the start of the second episode, host TJ Lavin told the MVPs they’d each get to choose a Legends teammate for the season.

The World Championship teams started off with Grant Crapp choosing two-time All Stars winner Jonna Mannion as his partner and Zara Zoffany selecting three-time Challenge winner Wes Bergmann.

Jonna and Wes’ castmate, Jemmye Carroll, has been watching from afar and recently commented on the MVP’s first picks.

In particular, she showed support for Jonna while seemingly throwing some shade at a few other castmates.

The Challenge’s Jemmye comments on first picks in World Championship

Some longtime Challenge fans may have been surprised to see Grant go with Jonna as his pick, as she’s slightly older than more recent show winners like Amber Borzotra, Tori Deal, and Kaycee Clark.

However, Jonna has come a long way since her earlier MTV Challenge days, as she’s won the last two seasons of The Challenge: All Stars spinoff. Grant said he felt they’d work well together, and Jonna shared that sentiment in their first confessional together.

“Jonna being picked first makes my heart so damn happy. She truly deserves this recognition….,” Jemmye tweeted.

While Jemmye seemingly loved Grant’s first pick, she wasn’t in agreement with Zara choosing All Stars 3 winner Wes first. Instead, Jeemmye indicated she’d have chosen Jordan as her teammate but then threw a bit of shade rather than a compliment.

“I would have picked Jordan over Wes… Jordan is honestly my dream partner bc he’s the male version of Camila. And I just work really well with sociopaths…,” Jemmye wrote in her tweet.

jemmye carroll tweets about world championship teams
Pic credit: @JustJem24/Twitter

Camila previously won The Challenge: Battle of the Exes alongside her ex Johnny Bananas. However, she has since been ostracized due to her aggressive and racist tirade toward castmate Leroy Garrett in The Challenge: Dirty 30 season.

The incident was brought back into the spotlight in the past few years after Leroy posted a video about his retirement from The Challenge, discussing how he felt the show didn’t do enough during or after Camila’s hostile moment to address the situation properly.

Jemmye also spilled tea on Jordan’s split from Tori

Within the past few years, Jemmye also infamously spilled tea regarding the collapse of Jordan and Tori’s relationship and the aftermath, which included speculation that Tori had cheated on Jordan with castmate Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat.

Jemmye revealed the dirt via a Patreon video behind a paywall, donating the proceeds from it to a charitable cause. However, she had critics calling her out for making the move, especially as she called Tori an “opportunist.”

Jemmye appeared most recently in The Challenge: All Stars 3 season, which also featured Jonna, Wes, and Jordan. That’s where Jemmye indicated she obtained the inside info about Tori and Jordan’s breakup and shattered relationship, as Jordan was part of the cast.

While some fans and critics may not consider Jemmye among MTV Legends, others might. Based on the individuals who are appearing as Legends, reaching a final in either the MTV Challenge or Paramount Plus’ All Stars would be enough qualification. Jemmye reached the final in Rivals II and the first All Stars spinoff.

That said, if she were on the show as a Legends competitor, she’d be teaming up with one of the MVPs, and they’d have to choose her as a teammate in the draft situation.

The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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