The Challenge’s Fessy Shafaat reveals who he would’ve picked for his Double Agents partner

the challenge fessy shafaat reveals who he would pick for double agents partner
Fessy Shafaat revealed who he’d pick for his Double Agents partner if he had the choice. Pic credit: MTV

On The Challenge: Double Agents, the competitors were told to quickly choose partners right after completing their first daily challenge in the premiere episode.

It meant scrambling to team up and finding someone who would be a strong competitor and possibly have some strong social game in the house.

However, in the case of Fessy Shafaat, he didn’t have a choice. Instead, the overall winner for the first daily challenge, Aneesa Ferreira, got to choose first and chose him to be her partner.

The former Big Brother star recently revealed who he would’ve selected if he had the choice, though.

Who would Fessy pick as his Double Agents partner?

Double Agents marks the second season for Fessy Shafaat, and he headed into the house with a Big Brother alliance consisting of Kaycee Clark, Josh Martinez, and rookie Amber Borzotra.

However, he didn’t get to choose his partner in the game and was reluctant that he had to be partners with Challenge veteran Aneesa.

Fessy answered fan questions on a live video chat, and someone asked who he would’ve picked if he could pick anyone as his partner instead of Aneesa.

“Obviously, Kaycee’s a beast. She won Big Brother. She made it to the final. She’s part of my Big Brother alliance. Kaycee’s my girl. So maybe Kaycee,” he said.

“I heard a lot about Kam, but I didn’t know much about Kam. So I didn’t know her personality if we would work well together. So Kam was kinda off the table for me because I didn’t know much about her,” Fessy added.

Fessy also named Lolo Jones as a “beast” but said just because you’re good athletically, it doesn’t necessarily translate to being good at The Challenge since there are other aspects to the game.

“I think I was gonna go with Tori [Deal],” Fessy said as far as his choice.

“I don’t know, man, ever since I saw Hall Brawl with her and Jenny, not that it blew my mind, but that opened up my eyes to where Tori had it. She had that ‘it factor’…Tori’s just on another level competitively.”

While the competitors were partnered up quickly in the premiere episode, they also learned later about some major twists. When someone goes into elimination and wins, they get the option to trade for almost any other competitor to be their partner.

Fans saw that twist come into play in just the second episode, with one competitor flipping things around in their favor.

There’s also a twist where Aneesa could go into elimination and lose. Then Fessy would become a Rogue Agent and could choose a new partner later.

Tori and Fessy romance rumors

While Tori Deal has yet to win The Challenge, she has been a strong competitor on the show. Previously, she was competing with her boyfriend and then-fiance Jordan Wiseley. However, Tori and Jordan broke up within the past year, with them both confirming it on social media.

There had been rumors that the breakup was due to Tori possibly hooking up with someone on Double Agents, with Fessy rumored to be that someone. Tori suggested that wasn’t the case, though, and that her and Jordan’s split was amicable.

In recent weeks, a fan account based on The Challenge shared screenshots of Tori and Fessy, which seemed to indicate they’d been together at the same place after Double Agents. However, neither one has confirmed they are in a relationship.

That said, Tori is certainly amongst the strongest and most experienced competitors in the history of The Challenge, making her a smart pick whether they’re romantically involved or not.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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