The Challenge’s Emy Alupei fires back at castmate after Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 5: ‘Talk less about me’

emy alupei during the challenge season 37 confessional
Spies, Lies & Allies rookie Emy Alupei talks about her castmate in The Challenge confessional interview. Pic credit: MTV

As The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies’ fifth episode aired, many cast members got to see what others said about them in confessional interviews or private conversations. That normally leads to some hurt feelings or upset individuals.

Rookie Emy Alupei from Survivor Romania has been shown as one of the emotional new competitors in the game and took exception to her castmate’s words about her in Episode 5.

She and her castmate got into a war of words online, which seems to have spilled over from their time on The Challenge.

The Challenge rookie criticized castmate in confessional

For Season 37, Episode 5, the competitors had to face a daily challenge called Mindfield. It involved an obstacle course with competitors crawling through mud, running through tall grass, climbing high walls, and other physical tasks. They had to retrieve puzzle pieces, but also solve math equations to get the numbers to unlock a safe.

Unfortunately, many cast members struggled with the math part of things, despite handling the physical obstacle course. That included Emy’s new teammate for the episode, Gabo Szabo, who apologized to her when they didn’t win.

However, Emy was still upset with him, and at losing, so, she let him know about it. Challenge veteran CT Tamburello gave her a pep talk about not letting the losses get to her and to “keep fighting.”

In her confessionals, she continued to say Gabo wasn’t a good teammate for her due to his lack of certain abilities. Later she was happy that he might go into elimination and allow her to get a new teammate.

Emy’s commentary led to rookie castmate Berna Canbeldek commenting about it on her Twitter Wednesday night.

“Emy. Always talking down on people who were talking motivation to her. He can focus !!! He always did! Just as you won an elim @hughie_maughan love Ya!!!!” Berna tweeted.

berna canbeldek tweets about emy alupei
Pic credit: @bernacanbeldekk/Twitter

Emy fires back at ‘Bertha’ after Episode 5

Emy is also active on Twitter and didn’t hesitate to respond when she saw her castmate’s tweet, calling her “Bertha” as several castmates had done during an earlier episode.

“Stop being frustrated Bertha … talk less about me and more about you being a hell of an a**kisser bye,” Emy said in a tweet to her castmate.

the challenge emy alupei tweets at berna canbeldek
Pic credit: @AlupeiEmy/Twitter

Berna didn’t stay quiet upon seeing her castmate’s reply, as she fired right back at Emy, suggesting she needs to take her own advice.

“you should tell that to yourself. babygirl I ain’t the one I always being frustrated and yelling to and about others. well.. just because they don’t air it doesn’t mean I forget how I was having your back in that house and hold your hand every day n night,” Berna tweeted.

berna canbeldek fires back with tweet about emy alupei
Pic credit: @bernacanbeldekk/Twitter

Things didn’t end with that tweet, though, as Emy suggested that she didn’t want a “snitch as a friend” due to telling Berna things in private that seemed to be known by everyone in the house the next day.

emy alupei the challenge fires back at berna tweet
Pic credit: @AlupeiEmy/Twitter

These two rookies have already proven themselves as worthy competitors with each picking up their first-ever win in an elimination. Berna also picked up her first daily challenge win alongside CT in Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 5.

Meanwhile, Emy has found herself in a tough spot almost every episode due to being partnered up with another rookie. Fans will wait to see her fate as the episodes play out, and most likely will find out by the reunion if Emy and Berna are still friends after the show.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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