The Challenge Season 37, Episode 5 recap: Who went home from Spies, Lies & Allies?

cast members during the challenge season 37 episode 5 elimination
Competitors await the latest elimination event for The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies. Pic credit: MTV

As The Challenge Season 37, Episode 5 arrived, several competitors were still bothered over what went down in the elimination.

As the highlights showed, Fessy Shafaat made a big move to send Amber Borzotra into elimination, despite her thinking she could trust him and the Big Brother alliance. That led to Amber’s partner Josh Martinez blowing up at Fessy ahead of the event.

Amber and her rookie partner went on to defeat the rookie team of Corey Lay and Michele Fitzgerald. With that, Amber returns to the house and is likely to want some revenge against Fessy.

Fallout from elimination, castmates enjoy time together

Cast members arrived back to headquarters after elimination. Emanuel Neagu returned to find a note in his bed from Michele Fitzgerald. Tori was there to comfort him but seemed to like him in her confessional interview.

Nany Gonzalez comforted Gabo Szabo because he was without her as a teammate. He now had Emy Alupei as his rookie partner.

Josh spoke with Amber outside as she was in tears about the Big Brother alliance. She said in confessional that from now on she’s not going to be so naive or dumb. Josh said in his confessional he’s done with the BB alliance, and Fessy might be his biggest enemy.

Meanwhile, Fessy spoke with Nany, Kaycee Clark, and Tori Deal about why he made the move he did. He said Amber hadn’t spoken with him the entire time they’ve been there. Fessy didn’t feel he needed to apologize to Josh for anything.

A scene was shown as Tula “Big T” Fazakerley and Logan Sampedro enjoyed one another’s company. Logan was teaching Big T some self-defense fighting skills.

Nany and Hughie spoke about being new teammates. Nany said she was honored he picked her. She talked to him about not having any more “freakouts” during the daily missions.

Rookie targets Emy and Gabo spoke about getting serious and winning the daily challenge to stay safe.

Competitors battle for win in muddy Mindfield mission

A muddy daily challenge called Mindfield awaited the competitors in Episode 5. The teammates had to retrieve puzzle pieces and move them through different parts of an obstacle course, including crawling through mud under fencing and scaling large walls.

The team that was able to get all their puzzle pieces to the final spot and solve the puzzle first became The Agency, keeping them safe from elimination and giving them the power to send another team in.

During the mission, it became apparent that many of the cast members struggled with solving math equations as they needed to do that to get a special code for their puzzle.

Logan and Aneesa seemed like frontrunners, but unfortunately, Aneesa suffered an injury while climbing up the wall, as she fell to the ground in pain. Nany dropped down to check on her and called for medics. They took her off in an ambulance with her shoulder wrapped.

It came down to the teams of Kaycee and Emanuel and CT Tamburello with Berna Cambeldek, who had all their puzzle pieces. CT and Berna solved it first to get the win, becoming The Agency. Emy was upset and yelled at Gabo a bit for the loss.

Cast member strategies, deliberation and votes

Logan spoke with Josh about how Aneesa might be out of the game. Logan said maybe he should go into elimination so he can defeat Gabo and pick a new partner.

Josh told him that’s not the smartest idea and he should wait it out. In confessional, he said Logan’s like a friend and could be an ally.

Aneesa returned to the house and told Tori she had a dislocated shoulder and was medically disqualified. Tori was in tears as she hugged her. Logan comforted her and thanked her for everything.

At the club, Emy and Gabo spoke about going into elimination, winning, and getting some new teammates. Emy wanted that because she felt they weren’t good partners.

Gabo told Nany if it’s a physical elimination, he’s going to win and steal her back. She told Gabo not to underestimate himself.

Logan spoke with Devin about going into elimination. Devin talked to Kyle and CT about it. CT said it would leave his hands clean, so he was fine with it.

Back at the house, Big T and Logan got under the covers together on the top bunk. Big T said he’s a good kisser and good with his hands.

Josh and Kaycee talked in the kitchen. Kaycee told him he’s taking things too seriously with the game. They agreed that they were done working together this season.

At deliberation, it seemed things were clear-cut as Logan and Gabo both wanted to go into elimination.

However, a verbal altercation broke out between Hughie and Gabo over having Nany as a partner. Hughie stood up and kept yelling because he was upset about it until castmates got him to calm down.

Who went home at the Spies, Lies & Allies elimination?

The house voted in Aneesa and Logan as the Compromised Agents, meaning it was just Logan going in. At The Lair, CT and Berna chose to send in Gabo for the men.

TJ Lavin started to drop a bombshell, saying even though Aneesa’s out, he never said it was a men’s or women’s elimination tonight.

After a commercial break, TJ gave them a sigh of relief as he was just messing with them.

Logan and Gabo had to solve a puzzle on the ground level using a variety of puzzle tiles with different shapes on them. They each had a rope to climb and at the top were answer keys for their puzzles.

They had to climb the ropes to check the answer keys as much as needed until they solved their puzzle down below. The first to get it right won.

higher assets elimination from the challenge season 37
Higher Assets elimination in The Challenge Season 37, Episode 5. Pic credit: MTV

Both guys had the rope climbing down, but putting the multiple puzzle pieces in order down on the puzzle was tough. Logan’s arms started getting tired on the climb, giving Gabo a chance to catch up.

Both guys kept asking TJ to check on their puzzle. Logan’s arms were sore, but he gave it one final climb and finally got it right. Gabo bid everyone farewell.

Logan got to select a new teammate and decided to take Hughie’s partner, Nany. That upset Hughie and Emy because she became his new teammate.

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