The Challenge’s CT Tamburello tells fans ‘I’m good’ after sharing emotional Diem Brown videos

chris ct tamburello in the challenge season 37 interview
Chris “CT” Tamburello shared several videos featuring memories of himself with the late Diem Brown. Pic credit: MTV

Chris “CT” Tamburello has recently been reminiscing about his time spent with former The Challenge castmate Diem Brown, whom he also dated for over a year and a half.

The two first met on The Duel and appeared together in multiple seasons, including a near-winning run as partners during The Challenge: Battle of the Exes, which aired in 2012.

Diem, who first arrived in MTV’s Fresh Meat season in 2006, revealed then that she’d previously been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Her cancer went into remission for six years but returned in 2012. However, Diem battled and endured, with her cancer going back into remission.

She often credited CT with helping her gain confidence and having a significant role in her remission recovery. Her last season of MTV’s show was 2015’s The Battle of the Exes II, where she teamed up with CT again but was medically disqualified after collapsing during filming.

Sadly, Diem passed away in 2014 after being diagnosed with cancer for a third time. The Challenge fans and castmates continue to remember her annually, with CT recently sharing some of his fond memories of her.

CT shared memories featuring The Challenge castmate Diem

Taking to his Instagram earlier this week, CT shared a montage of memories of himself and Diem Brown. The song If I Would Have Known by Kyle Hume provides sentimental background music.

The video is a slideshow of various photos, including CT and Diem, side by side during good times together. The word “smile” is written above CT’s slideshow, with “SMILE” also below it.

“Cause now I’m alone, and you’re just a memory in my mind. I would have given anything to say goodbye,” Hume sings in the background music.

“I would have given…,” CT wrote in his caption, quoting part of the song.

He also added hashtags #pleasesmile, #IpromiseIllbeOK, #behappyithappened, and

According to US Weekly, CT also shared a now-deleted video featuring himself and Diem earlier this month.

“To Be Continued … #tay,” he wrote in his Instagram post and included comments indicating how much he missed Diem.

Diem’s final season of The Challenge was shown in dedication to her and castmate Ryan Knight, who also passed away in November 2014. MTV also aired a special in 2014 called We Heart Diem in honor of the late reality TV star.

CT tells everyone ‘I’m good’ after his emotional videos

CT’s deleted clip and his newer video featuring Diem seemingly brought a lot of messages from fans and friends on different social media platforms. Various websites reporting about his share in early May may have also led to concern from fans.

In a comment on his IG post earlier this week, CT told everyone he was doing fine, and they didn’t need to reach out to him so much about his emotional well-being.

“Can everyone stop reaching out to be thru all forms of communication!? I’m good.. I’m just sharing memories cause I can look back and smile… everyone e should do the same. Luv you,” CT wrote in a comment.

CT’s friend and castmate Cara Maria Sorbello, who appeared in two seasons with Diem, left a comment expressing her gratitude and appreciation.

“I know you need this. But we do too. so thank you for sharing with us. I love seeing her smile,” Cara wrote.

chris ct tamburello comments on his instagram post about diem brown
CT comments to fans, with Cara commenting about the late Diem Brown. Pic credit: @_famous4nothing/Instagram

CT last appeared in MTV’s The Challenge Season 37, the Spies, Lies & Allies season he won alongside teammate Kaycee Clark. He didn’t appear in The Challenge: Ride or Dies or the World Championship spinoff on Paramount Plus.

Some of his time away has involved him filming for several movies, including The Most Dangerous Game and Hunting Games, which are both available to watch online.

He’s also been dealing with a rough divorce from Lilianet Solares and has mentioned the importance of spending more time with his son, CJ.

However, the five-time Challenge winner has been much more active on his social media, particularly Instagram, often interacting with the fans commenting on his posts.

While CT may have appeared to be in a rough spot emotionally with his recent posts, it seems they were more of his way of looking back with admiration that he got to enjoy those beautiful times with Diem.

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