The Challenge’s Ashley Mitchell, Natalie Negrotti to appear on reality TV show Match Me If You Can

the challenge star ashley mitchell in double agents promo clip
The Challenge’s Ashley Mitchell is part of reality dating show, Match Me If You Can. Pic credit: MTV

For those who thought Ashley Mitchell would be away for a while after The Challenge: Double Agents, think again. The two-time Challenge winner is set to return for a new reality TV show.

She’ll be joined by former Challenge finalist Natalie Negrotti along with other reality TV stars for Match Me If You Can, a unique dating series.

Here’s what to know about the upcoming reality TV show including who else will be part of the series and how to watch episodes.

Match Me If You Can to include The Challenge stars

Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell recently appeared on MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents season. In a light spoiler alert, she didn’t win her third final, but she could soon win in the dating game. Ashley appeared on eight regular seasons of The Challenge and three spinoffs after originally debuting on Real World: X-Plosion.

The 33-year-old will soon appear on a new dating show called Match Me If You Can, as will her former castmate, Natalie Negrotti. Natalie appeared on three seasons of MTV’s The Challenge and was a finalist alongside Paulie Calafiore on Final Reckoning.

That was the same season where Ashley won the season with partner Hunter Barfield and then opted to keep all prize money for herself in a major twist. Natalie and Paulie finished in third place during that season.

Many fans also saw Natalie on Big Brother 18. The Challenge star hinted at fans on social media this past week about her return to reality TV. Her Instagram post (below) teased fans by showing several photos of her in a Challenge uniform. However, recent Season 37 spoilers indicated she’s not part of the cast.

Her new show features a total of eight reality stars. Joining Ashley and Natalie are Eric Bigger (The Bachelorette), Harry Jowsey (Too Hot to Handle), Onyeka Ehie (The Bachelor), Kyra Green (Love Island), Joey Sasso (The Circle), and Kylie Smith (Are You The One?).

Lauren Speed-Hamilton will host the show, which arrives courtesy of Viacom, MTV, and Pepsi Mango. Lauren was on the reality series Love Is Blind, where she originally met her husband, Cameron Hamilton.

“I’m so excited to join Pepsi and MTV as the host of ‘Match Me If You Can,’” Speed-Hamilton said via a statement, per The Wrap.

“While I was able to find love on reality TV, that combination doesn’t work for everyone. So, we’re shaking it up by bringing unexpected pairings on surprising dates to try to find that elusive perfect match, just like Pepsi Mango! I can’t wait to show the world what we uncovered!” the show host said.

Match Me If You Can trailer, episode details

A trailer dropped ahead of the Match Me If You Can premiere episode, set to air on Wednesday, April 21. The advertisement spotlights that Pepsi is a perfect match with mango, and now they’ll try to help the reality stars find their perfect match.

The series will last for five episodes and feature “cutting edge technology” called the “Mango Matchmaker” to create matches for the cast members. There are also dating activities to help see if the contestants are matched up properly.

The premiere episode will officially be shown on MTV once the Double Agents finale concludes. While the first episode is set to premiere on MTV, viewers can watch future episodes via MTV’s YouTube channel every Wednesday.

Fans can continue watching Ashley and Natalie on Match Me If You Can, as well as their other favorite Challenge Stars on Paramount Plus’ All Stars spinoff series.

Match Me If You Can premieres Wednesday, April 21 after The Challenge: Double Agents finale. The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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