The Challenge: Double Agents star Ashley Mitchell shares details of unaired speech after her second elimination

ashley mitchell after her second the challenge double agents elimination
The Challenge’s Ashley Mitchell gives final thoughts before leaving the show in Episode 6. Pic credit: MTV

Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell recently spoke about an unaired segment on The Challenge: Double Agents where she tore into one of her veteran castmates and rookie competitors.

The two-time Challenge winner appeared on the Reality NSFW Podcast this past week along with former The Challenge competitor Marie Roda and podcast hosts Johnny Fairplay and Zack Hacker.

The four discussed Double Agents Episode 6, which featured a good bit of Theresa Jones and Ashley as part of the story.

Ashley say she delivered fiery speech that was cut from Episode 6

Ashley received a new life when it came to Double Agents, as she was brought back in Episode 5 due to Natalie Anderson leaving the show. Since Natalie originally eliminated Ashley, it meant Ashley got to return as an agent to take her spot.

However, it only took a few episodes for Ashley to get sent back into elimination by the house vote, thanks to a plan devised by veteran Theresa Jones and rookies in the house.

It was clear from the start that Ashley was upset she got sent into another elimination. At one point, she even flipped off other competitors after host TJ Lavin trolled the cast into thinking it was a guys’ elimination day.

Ashley ended up going against elimination legend Kam Williams, who defeated her in a game involving swinging on harnesses from a platform to place rings on poles. That meant Ashley was headed home after being eliminated a second time for the season.

She revealed during her appearance on the Reality NSFW Podcast on Thursday that she gave big speeches each time she was eliminated on Double Agents, and each time, production left them out of the episode.

“I gave some crazy a** Ashley elimination speeches,” she revealed on the podcast episode.

In a part of what she shared about her Episode 6 speech, she spoke about how Theresa has more money than her just based on her husband.

“I told everyone, I was like, ‘Y’all are worried about me winning a million dollars which I get taxed on, and this b***h up here is married to a pro NFL player. She’s got millions in the bank. What the f**k is your problem?’” Ashley says she told everyone during her exit speech.

“‘That b***h don’t need it more than me. What the f**k are you doing following behind her like little f*****n puppets?’” Ashley added.

“Like I went off, and I literally called people out one by one,” she revealed to the podcast hosts.

Ashley went on to say that “honestly if MTV aired some of it, people’s lives would be ruined,” with regards to her “dropping bombs” about what she knows about certain cast members.

Ashley reveals if she’ll do the show again

With Double Agents, Ashley made her eighth appearance on MTV’s reality competition series. She previously won on Invasion of the Champions, which was her second season. A few seasons later, she claimed a cool one million dollar prize all for herself on Final Reckoning.

In a separate part of the Reality NSFW Podcast, they asked Ashley if she would be going back on The Challenge again. She’s pretty sure that viewers haven’t seen the last of Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell.

She kept the door open for a return, indicating she wants to get a third win on the show and reclaim the title of the competitor with the most prize money won on The Challenge.

Time will tell if Ashley is back for The Challenge Season 37, but she’s a fierce competitor, and plenty of viewers love seeing her on the show, so it wouldn’t be all that surprising.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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