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The Challenge’s Aneesa Ferreira comments about her and Jisela Delgado’s All Stars drama

the challenge star aneesa ferreira speaks about all stars drama
Aneesa Ferreira recently spoke about the drama she had with Jisela Delgado during The Challenge: All Stars. Pic credit: Paramount+

Among the major drama that happened on The Challenge: All Stars were several fights between one-time close friends, including an argument that happened involving Aneesa Ferreira and Jisela Delgado.

While Jisela spoke more about that on social media and during the All Stars reunion, Aneesa had been quiet, due to being away for another project.

However, she’s now shared some of her first comments about the situation since the season’s episodes and reunion were released, explaining her side of things that happened with Jisela Delgado.

Aneesa speaks about her drama with Jisela during All Stars

The Challenge star Aneesa Ferreira hosts MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast alongside her friend Tori Deal. Their new episode arrived on Friday, June 25, and featured castmate Derrick Kosinski talking about the past season and making it to the final. Ahead of that, Tori and Aneesa summarized the episode a bit, and the drama came up.

During their opening moments of the podcast episode, Tori gave the “Dirtiest Deed” award for All Stars Episode 7 to Aneesa. Tori gave her the award based on the drama Aneesa had with Jisela and said she wanted to see Aneesa “get triggered.” However, Tori said she didn’t really know what Aneesa did that was dirty, but it “caused a big ruckus between you and Jisela and Jemmye [Carroll].”

Aneesa said it really had nothing to do with Jemmye, adding she thinks “she fueled it a bit.” During the All Stars episode in question, footage included Jemmye talking with Jisela about Aneesa’s decision to vote differently than she’d originally told Jisela.

“It was more about me and Jisela playing two completely different games and me trying to get in a final finally and trying to do whatever I needed to do to help me sleep at night,” Aneesa explained about her decision to vote for Nehemiah instead of Yes.

“And what happened? I end up in the final,” Aneesa added. She was amongst 12 competitors who qualified for TJ Lavin’s All Stars Final in Argentina, and one of 10 who finished it. She also added that Jisela made the final too.

“My thing is, we could fret about what could’ve happened, but didn’t, but that wouldn’t serve us. Like what does that do for us as friends? What does that do?” Aneesa also said during the podcast episode.

“Im not gonna think about all the bad s**t even though I like to bring it up sometimes,” Aneesa shared with Tori, saying she’s glad they met and are friends.

That was all Aneesa said about the “dirty deed” during the opening six minutes or so of the podcast, seeming to give very brief comments about it.

The Challenge: All Stars castmates’ friendship still seems fractured

Ahead of the All Stars final, an episode featured Aneesa and Jisela having a face-to-face chat about their issues from the previous episode. Those stemmed from Jisela wanting Yes Duffy to get voted into elimination rather than Nehemiah Clark. Based on Jisela’s side of things, she said Aneesa told her she would vote for Yes during deliberation, but instead, she changed that and voted for Nehemiah.

While Aneesa had been quiet away from the show until this podcast episode, Jisela has been more vocal about it. That included her appearances on The Challenge: Aftermath shows, the All Stars reunion, and posts on her social media.

On social media, she has made public comments about the falling out with Aneesa, including Instagram and Twitter posts. In one post, Jisela shared a photo of herself with other All Stars finalists but had an emoji or GIF over Aneesa’s face in the photo. All other castmates’ faces were showing, though.

Jisela also spoke about the situation involving Aneesa during the All Stars reunion episode and when castmates attempted to get her to bury the hatchet, she suggested they not get involved in her personal issues. Aneesa was not present for the reunion due to being away to film The Challenge Season 37.

It should be interesting to see if Jisela comes back with any reactions or replies to what Aneesa recently said. While they appear amicable, they certainly don’t appear to be “besties” like they were shown to be in earlier All Stars episodes and probably won’t be working together on The Challenge anytime soon.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes are currently available on Paramount Plus.