The Challenge: World Championship trailer reveals season format and upcoming drama

Jordan Wiseley in The Challenge World Championship
Jordan Wiseley is among Challenge legends in The Challenge: World Championship. Pic credit: thechallenge/YouTube

The Challenge: World Championship will bring Challenge Legends and global MVPs together to crown the first-ever world champion.

A brand new trailer has arrived, revealing what the season will include, and it looks to pack a punch between demanding daily challenges and the emotional stress of the game.

Early on, the tone is set as a group of competitors is shown racing one another in the sand. A familiar voice yells, “Ready?” and lets fans know longtime host TJ Lavin is presiding over the events.

Attentive fans will quickly notice some familiar faces as Nelson Thomas and Johnny Bananas are among those shown racing. There are also several blurred faces representing cast members yet to be revealed.

From there, the trailer presents what the format will include, as the MVPs will partner will Legends for the season as they compete to obtain all the prize money and glory.

It will be intense as there will be many obstacles along the way, including drama among the cast members.

The Challenge: World Championship trailer brings Legends and MVPs together

Following MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies Reunion Part 2, a trailer arrived for the upcoming World Championship trailer, which is also available via social media.

The YouTube trailer previews the spinoff season and shows a cool overhead shot of a stadium as helicopters fly the Legends into the game to team up with MVPs. Individuals come walking out of the copters in serious-looking gear and shades as they’re ready to compete.

The World Championship cast’s Legends include MTV winners and finalists such as Bananas, Nelson, Tori Deal, KellyAnne Judd, Jonna Mannion, Jordan Wiseley, and Darrell Taylor.

MVPs will be the stars from the four spinoff shows The Challenge: USA, The Challenge: Argentina, The Challenge: Australia, and The Challenge: UK. Among them are USA winners Danny McCray and Sarah Lacina, as well as Australia’s Troy Cullen and Kiki Morris.

Tristan Phipps and Kaz Crossley are the winners of The Challenge: UK and also appear in the trailer. As of this writing, The Challenge: Argentina hasn’t wrapped up airing episodes, which explains the blurred faces in the trailer.

An unknown narrator says, “Let the global games begin,” and touts the season as “the biggest reality competition on earth.”

Two competitors are shown in an apparent elimination event, swinging on ropes to break through walls. Other scenes involve competitors in a ring toss while swinging around on a crane-like apparatus. There’s also an event atop big rig trucks, competitors hanging off the side of buildings, and crashing into the water.

Check out the full trailer below, which also reveals some of the upcoming drama for the spinoff.

Drama to feature Legends, including Jonna, Jordan, and Tori

While the trailer reveals several upcoming events that competitors will participate in, it also teases some of the drama that the game brings along.

Since Legends will team with global MVPs, it will mean new teammates to work with, which could bring challenges in getting along. Several of the MTV stars are coming in after Ride or Dies, where they partnered with someone they generally had a bond with.

The trailer reveals USA winner Sarah telling her teammate not to speak to them in a particular manner. An emotional Tori says she wishes she’d never chosen to work with someone as her teammate.

There’s also a scene with two-time All Stars winner Jonna seeming to have a conflict with KellyAnne, who thought they were working together, but this may not be true. Based on the footage, two global MVPs are nearby for the discussion.

Jordan also pops up in a scene getting heated while sitting at a meeting at a table, telling someone, “Everybody wanted to be on The Challenge. Now you are on the Challenge.” Whether this is an elimination decision or a group chat is unknown, but things look explosive.

“This game brings out the worst in people,” Bananas’ raspy voice is heard saying, summing up some of the ugliness the drama will bring.

Fans will be able to catch all of the action when episodes hit Paramount+ in weekly installments starting March 8.

The Challenge: World Championship premieres Wednesday, March 8, on Paramount+.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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