The Challenge: USA’s Angela Rummans reveals why she probably won’t appear on the show again

angela rummans from the challenge usa
Angela Rummans says “never say never” with a return to The Challenge. Pic credit: TheChallenge/YouTube

Former Big Brother star Angela Rummans has recently commented about her future with The Challenge, seeming to indicate she won’t be returning.

Angela was among the CBS stars who appeared in a spinoff version of MTV’s competition series on Paramount Plus called The Challenge: USA.

She had a stellar debut, too, showing herself to be among the top competitors by having strong gameplay and alliances, suggesting she could eventually appear on the main show.

Angela qualified for the spinoff’s final but had a somewhat controversial exit from the show, getting disqualified during a checkpoint.

However, many fans and critics felt the final had plenty of flaws and that Angela might have deserved a chance to stick around.

With that, a fan recently asked the 30-year-old reality TV star about the possibility of her doing The Challenge again.

Angela seems uninterested in another appearance on The Challenge

Taking to her Instagram Stories, The Challenge: USA finalist answered several fan questions about her life and career. One was regarding her breakup with castmate Tyler Crispin, while another related to her returning to The Challenge.

She explained she wouldn’t go into too many details regarding her breakup. However, she suggested the relationship couldn’t work long-term since they weren’t aligned with one another’s “vision, values, and lifestyles.”

When a fan asked if Angela was planning to return to The Challenge, Angela indicated she doesn’t see herself back on The Challenge or any competition shows.

“I’ll never say never but I’m very happy right now pursuing things I’m passionate about. I feel inspired to create rather than compete, and as I have been trying to live more in my feminine energy, my creative energy has also been at a high,” she explained.

A screenshot from the Most Likely Two podcast’s Instagram page showed Angela’s answers in her IG Stories slides.

angela rummans comments about return for show
The Challenge: USA’s Angela Rummans answers fans’ questions. Pic credit: @mostlikelytwopod/Instagram

Angela had a surprising exit from The Challenge: USA

The Challenge: USA could be Angela’s only appearance in the competition franchise after she seemed on the verge of potentially winning the show.

She appeared in USA’s debut season, reaching the final after an emotional elimination win over her friend Alyssa Lopez. From there, Angela was one of ten individuals competing in TJ Lavin’s final.

However, things were a bit disastrous from the start as the rules required a man and woman to team up for each checkpoint or leg of the final. Before the final even started, one of the men, Ben Driebergen, had to leave due to a difficult injury he suffered on the daily challenge just before the final.

That made it so that a woman would have to compete by herself for each checkpoint. For Angela, that situation arrived during a nighttime and overnight event where competitors had to work with their partners to move a large pile of dirt from one spot to another before they could sleep in a tent.

Angela chose to preserve her energy and prevent injury to her back, opting not to finish the task and instead get rest in the tent. The following day, TJ informed her that she didn’t complete the required task and therefore was disqualified from the show.

She’s previously commented about her surprising exit. Many fans felt the final should’ve been set up better rather than creating a punishment for the women due to an early injury issue.

“Walking away from this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do because I do not quit…I just felt I did this intentionally, and I was punished for a strategic move I was trying to make, but still, I would not trade this experience for anything despite the circumstances,” she said during her exit episode’s confessional.

Whether that’s the end of Angela’s appearance on The Challenge remains to be seen. For now, it appears she’s content to create rather than compete and is enjoying her freedom away from reality TV.

The Challenge: World Championship premieres Wednesday, March 1, on Paramount Plus.

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