The Challenge: USA Season 2 spoilers reveal women’s order of finish and drama between castmates

tj lavin in premiere episode of the challenge usa 1
TJ Lavin appears in the premiere episode of The Challenge: USA Season 1. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: USA Season 2 has recently wrapped up filming, and spoilers have revealed who is in the cast, who reached the final, and who won the show.

CBS’ second season of the spinoff will arrive in August, giving Challenge fans some more of their favorite show to consume as they await Paramount Plus’ All Stars 4 and Season 39 on MTV.

Monsters and Critics recently reported the spoilers for the USA 2 winners, who follow in the footsteps of Season 1’s winners, Danny McCray and Sarah Lacina.

However, details are now arriving about the order of finish for the Season 2 final, with the women recently revealed.

There’s also a bit of a tease that there was some drama between a few castmates. While the situation’s specifics are unknown, it’s possible it carried over from another season or a different show.

This report features spoilers from the upcoming spinoff season, The Challenge: USA 2.

Women’s order of finish revealed for The Challenge: USA 2 final

The winners have officially been crowned as they finished ahead of the rest of the competition in The Challenge: USA 2 final.

Based on the spoilers, the final featured four men and four women competing, with one man and one woman winning the $500,000 prize.

It was a mostly Survivor final for the women, as Chanelle Howell was a runner-up as a rookie in The Challenge: USA. Coming in third place was Michaela Bradshaw, who fans saw as a rookie on MTV’s Spies, Lies & Allies, but she was eliminated in just the first episode of the season.

Interestingly, the fourth-place finisher is someone quite familiar with running finals. Ride or Dies winner and recent World Championship finalist Tori Deal finished in that spot.

That raises some intrigue as far as what the final involved for the competitors. A few possible things that could have tripped Tori up are the final’s eating aspect, as she’s a vegan. Any part of the final involving bicycles could have also been a problem. During World Championship, Tori revealed that riding a bike was a fear from her childhood.

A few castmates had drama during The Challenge: USA 2

Based on the online spoilers, there could also be some potential drama to look forward to during the upcoming spinoff season as castmates go at it.

According to @GamerVev on Twitter, castmates Tori and Michaela, who also reached the show’s final, “had a little bit of drama” between them during the show. It’s currently unknown what the drama involved, though.

gamervev tweets about challenge usa 2 drama
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

Viewers might remember that Tori was one of the vets who decided it was wise to eliminate Michaela early from Spies, Lies & Allies based on details about a list that Michaela had created. It was initially believed that Michaela’s list highlighted which vets to target, making her an immediate threat.

Along with that, there was also the fact that Tori was partnered with another Survivor star, Danny, during The Challenge: World Championship. While they avoided eliminations and reached the final, they had issues working together strategically due to their conflicting alliances and plans.

The pair often bickered about how to vote during each of the season’s eliminations. Danny wanted to oust Jordan Wiseley from the game because he felt the multi-time champion was a serious threat, but Tori continually protected her ex throughout the season.

In the end, Jordan won the final alongside his teammate Kaz Crossley, showing that Danny’s strategy may have been the way to go. Unfortunately, he didn’t have Tori on board for his game plan.

The Challenge: USA Season 2 premieres Thursday, August 10 at 10/9c on CBS.

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