The Challenge: USA Season 2 spoilers reveal cast of MTV and CBS stars leaving to film spinoff

tj lavin from the challenge world championship
Based on online spoilers, TJ Lavin is back as host of The Challenge: USA for a second season. Pic credit: @TheChallenge/YouTube

While the first season of The Challenge: USA featured only stars from CBS reality television shows, the second season will have a much different look.

Not only will there be stars from CBS shows such as Big Brother competing, but there were also be stars from MTV’s The Challenge, some of whom are multi-time champions.

The Challenge spoilers online recently revealed the speculative cast headed to the filming location for Season 2.

These details arrive as several rumored cast members appear on The Challenge: World Championship spinoff episodes on Paramount Plus.

A few of the rumored cast members will also return after appearing in the first season of the USA spinoff, although none of them are finalists or the show’s winners.

Remember that this report will include potential spoilers for The Challenge: USA 2.

The Challenge: USA 2 cast members possibly revealed, including many MTV stars

Based on online spoilers, MTV stars Johnny Bananas, Tori Deal, and Jonna Mannion are among the cast members leaving to film for The Challenge: USA 2. All three are also champions.

Bananas is a seven-time champion, while Jonna has won two seasons of the All Stars spinoff. They are also among the featured Legends in The Challenge: World Championship, which has episodes on Paramount Plus. Tori Deal recently won MTV’s Ride or Dies season.

Amanda Garcia will also return for this version of The Challenge. She was last seen in the Spies, Lies & Allies season before taking a season away from the show. Amanda nearly reached the season’s final but lost to Tori in a lopsided elimination.

KellyAnne Judd is also entering this competition. She’s recently appeared in World Championship after multiple seasons of the All Stars spinoff.

Two other MTV Challenge regulars — Cory Wharton and Wes Bergmann — are also rumored to appear in the cast.

Cory was last seen in Spies, Lies & Allies before taking a break for a season. Wes last appeared on Double Agents, then returned for the spinoffs, The Challenge: All Stars 3, which he won, and World Championship. The two-time MTV Challenge winner also recently revealed he and his wife are expecting Baby Bergmann.

Big Brother and Survivor crossover stars returning for The Challenge: USA spinoff

The above cast members are rumored to be joined by a familiar face from MTV who has yet to win a season but starred in and won Big Brother. Josh Martinez was revealed among the speculative cast members heading to the filming location.

Also returning to the show will be Josh’s friend and Big Brother alum, Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat, who nearly reached the final in Ride or Dies but was bested by Bananas and Nany in an elimination.

Also joining the show will be two-time finalist Paulie Calafiore, yet another former Big Brother star. Paulie is returning to The Challenge, albeit a spinoff version, after last appearing in MTV’s War of the Worlds 2.

Survivor winner Michele Fitzgerald is also listed among potential cast members rumored to be on the way to film USA Season 2. Michele appeared in Ride or Dies alongside partner Jay Starrett. Based on the Vevmo forum thread, she is the only former Survivor cast member on USA 2.

Returning USA cast members and new additions to spinoff

Big Brother star Alyssa Lopez nearly reached the final in USA Season 1. However, she ended up going into elimination against her friend Angela Rummans, who ousted her from the game. With that, Alyssa is returning to try to reach the final again.

Her Season 1 castmate and fellow BB star, Kyland Young, will also return. Kyland showed himself to be a strong competitor in the first season but was unable to reach the final after losing in elimination in Episode 7 with his partner Kyra Green.

Yet another returning star from the first season of USA will be Tiffany Mitchell. Viewers saw her make an early exit, but she definitely has savvy strategy and gameplay from her time on Big Brother as part of the Cookout Alliance.

How about some rookies for The Challenge? Right now, there are only four, with most from Big Brother. They’ll include Ameerah Jones, Hannah Chadworth, and Monte Taylor.

Dusty Harris is the only individual from Amazing Race rumored to appear in The Challenge: USA 2. It’s also worth noting that there are no Love Island stars, with the showing having moved off CBS to the Peacock streaming platform.

As of this writing, these are the speculative cast members revealed online for Season 2, so keep in mind things could change. As one might expect, TJ Lavin was also revealed as the host, returning after hosting MTV’s Ride or Dies, as well as the USA, All Stars 3, and World Championship spinoffs.

However, several unknowns are associated with the show, including where it is being filmed, the season’s format or theme, and which network(s) will present the episodes. Viewers saw USA Season 1 exclusively on CBS and Paramount Plus, although many fans and critics will argue this cast looks similar to an MTV season of The Challenge.

The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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