The Challenge: USA cast video features Big Brother stars revealing major strengths and weaknesses

the challenge usa promo has big brother stars
Big Brother star Alyssa Lopez speaks during The Challenge: USA promo video. Pic credit: CBS

As the buildup towards The Challenge: USA is underway, promotional videos are arriving to help introduce the spinoff’s various cast members to viewers.

The CBS spinoff show will feature only contestants who appeared on CBS’ reality TV shows The Amazing Race, Big Brother, Love Island, and Survivor.

In the first series of promo videos, Big Brother is at the forefront as its stars talk about the various strengths and weaknesses they bring into the game.

The Challenge: USA promo video introduces Big Brother stars

In a video lasting over three minutes, fans of The Challenge see at least one familiar face, as longtime host TJ Lavin pops up to talk a bit about the Big Brother stars entering the game.

In an early bit of shade, he claims Big Brother players are “sitting around the house” a lot, so he’s not quite sure how they’ll perform in a competitive environment like The Challenge.

Soon after, the video launches into the BB stars talking about their top strengths as they battle in The Challenge: USA. For Angela Rummans, it’s being underestimated as a competitor.

David Alexander says his “physicality” that will assist him in enduring some of the different events. For Derek Xiao, Kyland Young, and Tiffany Mitchell, their strategic gameplay will aid them in the competition.

Azah Awassum jokes she’s a “little boy crazy” but learned her lesson the last time, so it’s “no penis” for her on The Challenge: USA.

The promotional video also highlights some of the Big Brother stars’ biggest weaknesses. For example, Angela and Kyland are not about the eating challenges, which isn’t surprising since another BB star, Fessy Shafaat, had trouble with that in a final for the MTV show.

Tiffany says she talks too much and has to be “a little bit better at listening,” while Alyssa Lopez says she needs to work on her poker face. Derek admits he’s got the fortitude to try to push through some of the challenges but is worried he’ll get outcompeted in them.

Big Brother stars have seen success on MTV’s show

The video above was the second of The Challenge: USA videos introducing the new Big Brother stars for the spinoff show. A previous video featured cast members sharing some of their secret talents, pet peeves, and personal mantras.

It also brought Kyland Young to fire back at a fan on social media who criticized the Big Brother stars in the video.

As of this report, it’s unknown if these particular BB stars will only compete for the spinoff show or if any will end up moving on to try out MTV’s show. Several former Big Brother stars have graced the main competition series over the past five or six years.

They include Paulie Calafiore, Da’Vonne Rogers, Natalie Negrotti, Jozea Flores, Josh Martinez, Fessy Shafaat, Bayleigh Dayton, Michael “Swaggy C” Williams, Amber Borzotra, and Kaycee Clark.

Of those competitors, all but Swaggy C, Jozea, and Josh have reached a final. Amber and Kaycee have won in the past two seasons, with Chris “CT” Tamburello as their experienced teammate.

Once the spinoff has arrived, it may become more apparent which of The Challenge: USA’s stars have what it takes to compete with the main cast on MTV’s long-running competition series.

The Challenge: USA premieres on Wednesday, July 6, on CBS at 9:30/8:30c. The Challenge Season 38 is TBA for MTV.

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