The Challenge star Kendal Darnell reveals shaved head with message about Will Smith Oscars incident

kendal darnell on the challenge all stars 2
Kendal Darnell during The Challenge: All Stars 2 season. Pic credit: Paramount+

Several days after an incident at the Oscars involving Will Smith hitting Chris Rock over a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s bald look, Kendal Darnell from The Challenge revealed her shaved head online.

Kendal, who appeared in both of The Challenge: All Stars spinoff seasons, also shared a message in which she touched upon Smith becoming upset on behalf of his wife and taking action.

Her look and message brought plenty of reactions from various castmates, praising Kendal for her beauty, strength, and inspiring others.

The Challenge’s Kendal Darnell reveals her shaved head

On Tuesday morning, The Challenge winner Kendal Darnell may have surprised fans and some of her castmates with her latest Instagram photo share.

It features the former Road Rules star smiling and striking a pose as she shows off her shaved head.

“We are all battling something. How about we build each other up instead of tearing each other down? We could all use some words of encouragement. LET’S JUST ALL BE KIND,” she wrote in her caption.

She also added an edited portion to her caption because her earlier message included humor that she felt may have taken away from the more important message.

“But for the record.. I have never slapped anyone- nor could I ever. Do I think it was the right thing to do? Absolutely not. The action itself actually takes away from his message,” Kendal said.

“However.. I can only imagine how many times Will must have cried with Jada as my husband has been near tears with me too, as I sobbed in his arms. To watch someone we love suffer only to become the butt of a cheap joke has got to ignite a sense of protective rage in even the most docile and loving of all people. It may not be the most effective action to take but I can see why it happened,” she said in comparing her situation to that of Jada Pinkett Smith’s.

In addition to that message, Kendal encouraged others to leave positive messages for someone in the comments.

Kendal didn’t provide a particular reason for her shaved head in the caption. It became widely known that Jada Pinkett Smith’s bald look was due to her having alopecia, a condition that includes unpredictable hair loss as a symptom. Due to that, she embraced her situation and shaved her head.

During her most recent All Stars season, Kendal revealed that she suffers from a condition known as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which brings various symptoms, including joint hypermobility, easily bruising skin, and problems with internal organs.

In 2020, a report about actress Lena Dunham touched upon the fact she has EDS and how she shaved her head due to an undisclosed autoimmune disease she was suffering from.

Kendal’s Challenge castmates and friends react

With Kendal’s revealing photo and inspiring message on social media, many of The Challenge stars took notice and dropped comments for their fellow competitor.

That included Spies, Lies & Allies finalist Tori Deal who referred to Kendal as “beautiful.” Kendal replied that now Tori knew why she asked her if she could tell she had a wig on during an interview, presumably for MTV’s Official The Challenge Podcast.

tori deal reacts kendal sheppard bald photo
Pic credit: @kendalsheppard/Instagram

“One of the most strongest people I know. We both know that true beauty is on the inside, but you’ve been blessed to have both, inside and out! Now we have to dance to 2 live Crew again!” Nehemiah Clark wrote in the comments.

nehemiah clark the challenge reacts kendal sheppard bald photo
Pic credit: @kendalsheppard/Instagram

Kendal’s close friend, former Challenge winner Tori Hall Gwinn called Kendall “stunning,” adding she was proud of her for posting and “always being a light.”

“I love you the most of the most, and I’m so thankful I get to do this crazy life with you,” Tori commented.

tori hall comments on kendal sheppard ig post
Pic credit: @kendalsheppard/Instagram

Kendal’s All Stars 2 castmate Brad Fiorenza referred to her as a “Spiritual Warrior” in the comments.

all stars 2 cast member brad fiorenza reacts kendall ig post
Pic credit: @kendalsheppard/Instagram

“You’ve always had a beautiful face, now it is just highlighted more. Proud of you for sharing yourself with all of us ?Sending you a big hug today & every day,” three-time Challenge winner Veronica Portillo commented.

veronica portillo reacts to kendall sheppard ig post
Pic credit: @kendalsheppard/Instagram

While it may remain a mystery as to why Kendal shaved her head or chose to share it several days after the Oscars incident, her castmates and other Challenge cast members she’s encountered are showing full support for her strength and beauty.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA on MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount Plus.

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Edward P Kiefer
Edward P Kiefer
2 years ago

I think Chris Rock had it coming. After the joke he made he is liiterally getting off with a slap on the face. Chris Rock is not the victem here.