The Challenge star Jemmye Carroll shares big reason why All Stars was ‘best season’ she’s been part of

jemmye carroll during the challenge all stars confessional
Jemmye Carroll praised her male castmates from The Challenge: All Stars. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge’s Jemmye Carroll is among the OG competitors who appear to have really enjoyed their experience and bonding with fellow All Stars castmates.

While Jemmye is on the younger side in terms of All Stars cast member ages, she’s still shown she can hang with the OGs and advance in the game. She’s been strategic in the spinoff season through five episodes, and thanks to alliances and good performances, she’s managed to not go into any eliminations.

She recently commented about some of her All Stars castmates online, sharing why this was the “best season” she’s appeared on during her Challenge career.

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Jemmye praises castmates for The Challenge: All Stars season

The Challenge: All Stars cast list consisted of 11 men and 11 women at the start of the season. The numbers have been reduced each week through eliminations. Since it’s a competitive game, there’s been drama amongst some cast members along the way.

Nonetheless, there seems to mostly be love amongst this All Stars group. After Mark Long recently defended his castmate, Jisela Delgado, from an online bully, Jemmye retweeted Mark’s tweet with a comment of her own.

“& this is why #TheChallengeAllStars was the best season I’ve ever been a part of! The men on this season DO NOT play about the women… They made sure we always felt safe & secure (physically & spiritually) while filming, & here they are still defending us,” Jemmye tweeted.

jemmye carroll tweets why all stars was best season shes been on
Pic credit: @JustJem24/Twitter

Mark initially tweeted for his castmate to tell the online bully to send him a direct tweet so Mark could “set up a ‘discussion’ with the bully about his insecurities and how to be a decent man.” Mark added the tag “#DontAtMyGirls” as he stood up for Jisela.

Jemmye last appeared on Final Reckoning season

Jemmye has appeared on seven seasons of The Challenge before All Stars, with her last regular-season appearance on Final Reckoning in 2018. That particular season featured Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell winning the final with teammate Hunter Barfield.

Since she had the better overall score for the final, Ashley received an option to split the $1 million in prize money with Hunter or keep it all for herself. She opted to take all the money for herself, stating her decision was based on how Hunter treated her during the season.

“This guy’s belitted me, put me down, slut-shamed me, and also threatened my life and my family’s life,” Ashley said during her decision.

“I’m keeping the money,” she said, leaving Hunter stunned by the announcement and creating an iconic moment in Challenge history.

Ashley Takes ALL the Money ? The Challenge: Final Reckoning

The Challenge: Double Agents season differed with castmate relations

While everyone seems to have a good time on most seasons of The Challenge, the All Stars atmosphere has been different. The OGs have all seemed to give each other recognition, respect, and support for their efforts. That isn’t necessarily the case with regular seasons of the show, including Season 36 on MTV, The Challenge: Double Agents.

During the Double Agents season, more than a few male cast members talked negatively about being partnered with Aneesa Ferreira. At one point in the season, she confronted the men about how it made her feel during a deliberation meeting.

In addition, there was Chris “CT” Tamburello’s rant he went on (below) as he ditched then-partner Tula “Big T” Fazakerley in favor of taking Kam Williams as his partner. Later at the house, CT told Big T that he didn’t think she had what it took to run a final. She was hurt and blindsided by how he replaced her as a teammate despite their chemistry in working together. CT apologized to Big T about it during The Challenge reunion special.

Big T Shares Candid Thoughts On Being Blindsided By CT  ? The Challenge: Double Agents

Last but not least, there was Fessy Shafaat. He seemed to want to work by himself as he didn’t like any of the teammates he had during the season, although he chose Kaycee Clark to team with for the final.

Kaycee ended up getting hurt as she blew out her knee during the final, which cost them from being able to compete to the end. Before Kaycee, Fessy seemed to indicate all of the other female partners he had weren’t capable of competing on his level.

It seems like some of the male competitors on MTV’s seasons of The Challenge might want to take notes on how the men from All Stars support and defend their female castmates through the journey.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount+.

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