The Challenge spoilers: Zach Nichols and Da’Vonne Rogers react to All Stars 4 cast members

zach nichols and davonne rogers from mtv the challenge
Challenge stars Zach Nichols and Da’Vonne Rodgers are ready to see what All Stars 4 brings. Pic credit: MTV

With spoilers arriving online to reveal The Challenge: All Stars 4 cast, fans who have seen which individuals might appear in the spinoff have been reacting.

They’ll include returning stars and exciting first-time cast members for the spinoff show’s fourth season on Paramount+.

For the most part, many fans seem excited by some of the All Stars 4 players, with only a few individuals considered head-scratching decisions.

A few Challenge alum have also weighed in on the topic, as former Real World star Zach Nichols and Big Brother star Da’Vonne Rogers have let fans know how they feel about some of the cast decisions.

Neither of the former Challengers will appear in the All Stars spinoff yet, but both had some interesting things to say regarding the latest player picks.

This report will contain spoilers for potential cast members in The Challenge: All Stars 4.

Zach Nichols reacts to The Challenge: All Stars 4 cast

Former Challenge champion Zach Nichols has been away from the show since War of the Worlds 2, as he’s now a husband and father raising two kids alongside former castmate Jenna Compono.

Upon All Stars 4 cast spoilers arriving online, Zach had praise for most of the female cast. That may or may not include one surprising addition to All Stars 4, who Zach didn’t specifically name. As for the men’s side, one particular individual received Zach’s support.

“All-Stars 4 female cast is looking tough. As for the men, we finally get to set the clocks back to Tony Time,” Zach tweeted in recognition of his friend Tony Raines.

Tony, 34, was a cast member on MTV’s Real World: Skeletons and last appeared in MTV’s The Challenge: Final Reckoning and spinoff show, Champs vs. Stars 2, the latter of which he was among the winners generating a donation for charity.

the challenge zach nichols tweets about all stars 4 cast
Pic credit: @ZNichols15/Twitter

Zach’s praise for the women in the game arrives years after his infamous seasons where he wasn’t necessarily supportive of a few former castmates that were his teammates. In particular, many fans seemed displeased with how Zach treated his ex, Jonna Mannion, during their season as partners.

A similar situation arrived during The Challenge: Final Reckoning, as Zach was teamed up with his nemesis, Amanda Garcia. The two provided some entertaining moments, with lots of arguing between them and Zach attempting to control their moves in the game, something Amanda wasn’t happy with.

The former Battle of the Seasons winner hasn’t been back on the show in several years. However, with some of the individuals who’ve joined All Stars 4, namely The Challenge couple and parents Leroy Garrett and Kam Williams, it opens the door for Zach and Jenna.

Da’Vonne Rogers shows support for castmate in All Stars 4

Big Brother and former Challenger Da’Vonne Rogers has become part of The Challenge podcast world, helping to co-host MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast. Da’Vonne shared during a podcast episode about why she couldn’t join the Ride or Dies cast, where she was initially going to team up with fellow Big Brother star Josh Martinez.

Within the past week, a fan asked Da’Vonne on Twitter why she wasn’t in South Africa as part of The Challenge: All Stars 4. Da’Vonne let the fan know it was due to her initially being a cast member of Big Brother, which isn’t Real World, Road Rules, or Fresh Meat.

Another fan suggested that Kam is one of the rumored cast members, and she wasn’t on one of those shows, but instead, Are You The One?

“Ms ma’am has been to the final pretty much every season she was on… if they were going to bend the rules, I’m glad it was for her,” Da’Vonne tweeted, also mentioning AYTO is an MTV show.

the challenge davonne rogers praises castmate in tweet
Pic credit: @DayDaVonne_/Twitter

With Kam’s potential appearance on All Stars, she makes history as the first player that isn’t from one of the RW, RR, or Fresh Meat shows. As far as Da’Vonne’s eligibility for All Stars, that could always change in the future.

As Challenge rumors swirl, Da’Vonne could also appear in The Challenge: USA, a spinoff that has brought former CBS stars from Big Brother, Amazing Race, Survivor, and Love Island to the game in the past year. She mentioned an intention to return to The Challenge for at least a third time, marking her first time on MTV’s competition series since War of the Worlds.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 is TBA for Paramount +. The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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