The Challenge spoilers: Season 40 rumors suggest surprising hookup between two castmates

the challenge host tj lavin at the arena for an elimination event
The Challenge host TJ Lavin during an elimination event. Pic credit: MTV

As The Challenge Season 40 films in Vietnam, surprising spoilers and rumors continue to arrive about the cast.

Many viewers may be hoping for a more exciting and drama-packed season than Battle For a New Champion, which some fans felt was underwhelming.

The upcoming MTV season features a larger cast than ever, with 40 competitors from various eras of The Challenge.

With filming starting several weeks ago, there have already been spoilers for 10 eliminations and several matchups.

Meanwhile, rumors about a hookup involving two castmates have popped up, and it might surprise some fans.

This report will contain potential spoilers about the cast of The Challenge Season 40.

Rumors arrive about Challenge castmates hooking up during Season 40

A new tweet from spoiler and rumors account @Challengeteamtv on Twitter recently revealed the shocking hookup that may be occurring during The Challenge 40 filming.

Based on the tweet, Michele Fitzgerald and Devin Walker may be among the early and possibly ongoing showmance stories during the episodes.

“Michele is now hooking up with Devin on a TV show, even though he is one of her friend’s “exes”. It seems she didn’t learn her lesson from her previous fling with Callum & screwing over Amanda for Fessy,” the tweet said.

screenshot of challengeteamtv tweet about the challenge 40 hookup rumors
A rumor from The Challenge. Pic credit: @challengeteamtv/Twitter

Viewers saw Devin and Michele appear on The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion cast. Michele was among the main cast members and nearly reached the final, only to be purged in a daily challenge just before it.

Devin returned as a former champ for one episode, defeating Michele’s showmance, Callum Izzard. Devin and Michele were part of the Season 39 reunion, which aired several weeks ago on MTV.

On the Vevmo forum thread, known Challenge spoiler account Pink Rose indicated that Devin and Michele may have “hooked up off the show before.”

Michele and Devin’s Challenge showmances

Viewers haven’t seen many showmances from Devin during his time on The Challenge, although he announced during the Season 39 reunion that he was “single” and would mingle if he returned to the show.

He previously appeared on MTV’s dating show, Are You The One? Season 3. During the show, he explored potential relationships with castmates including Cheyenne Floyd and Britni Thornton.

Devin also appeared on MTV’s Ex on the Beach 3 in 2019, where his ex was Marie Roda, who appeared in The Real World: St. Thomas and The Challenge.

Meanwhile, Michele, a Survivor winner, debuted on The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies, where she developed an early crush on castmate Emanuel Neagu.

Things fell through with that, but she also hooked up with castmate Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat, which became a bit of a dramatic love triangle. During that season, Fessy had a showmance with Amanda Garcia. There was eventually a falling out between Amanda and Michele, who previously seemed amicable.

As mentioned, viewers most recently saw Michele and Callum’s showmance during Season 39. Footage revealed that despite Callum’s interest in Michele, he had a girlfriend off the show.

Interestingly, Devin’s return for an elimination event in Season 39 saw him call out Callum and eliminate him from the show. However, that was due to rumors about Devin hooking up with Jessica Brody, an early elimination from Season 39 who told Devin that Callum was mean to her in The Challenge house.

During the Season 39 reunion, Callum drew the wrath of Michele and even her rival, Laurel Stucky, for leading Michele on while having a girlfriend. Eventually, he offered an emotional apology for his actions.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 premieres Wednesday, April 10 on Paramount+.

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