The Challenge’s Michele Fitzgerald blasted by fans over Season 39 reunion scene

michele fitzgerald face shot from the challenge season 39 reunion
Michele Fitzgerald got fired up during The Challenge Season 39 reunion. Pic credit: MTV

Michele Fitzgerald faced backlash after a recent scene from The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion’s reunion special surfaced.

In the clip, reunion host Maria Menounos asked Nurys Mateo about the situation with former friend Jay Starrett, where she ended up on the outskirts of his and Michele’s alliance.

Nurys said she felt things went awry between her and Jay when she started to date Horacio Gutierrez during the show’s filming.

However, Jay quickly argued that wasn’t the case and tried to shut her down, with Michele also jumping in to offer her two cents.

Nurys had a few choice words for Michele during the reunion moment, as she said the conversation involved her and Jay.

Meanwhile, fans of The Challenge expressed their thoughts about Michele getting involved in other people’s drama, leading to the Survivor star firing back.

Michele gets involved in Season 39 reunion drama with Nurys and Jay

When asked about when she felt her and Jay’s friendship got fractured during Season 39, Nurys said, “They kept trying to make me pick a side.”

“I don’t have to pick a side,” Nurys said, indicating she could play the game herself.

“You did pick a side. You picked their side,” Michele said as she interrupted.

“Shut the f*** up, please. Respectfully,” Nurys told her castmate, which brought a shocked look to Laurel’s face across the room.

Cara Maria Sorbello was also amused by Nurys going off on Michele during the reunion.

Viewers saw the larger alliance target Nurys and Horacio in the later part of the game. Ultimately, Nurys went into an elimination against her man and friend Kyland Young, where she eliminated them both from the game.

Michele may have received karma as she was purged out of the season just before the final due to finishing last in a daily challenge.

Michele gets blasted by fans for reunion remarks and fired back at commenter

Michele commented on The Challenge’s Instagram post, expressing her frustration that they used that particular clip from the show to “fuel the haters.”

“Of course you use this clip to promote the episode 😂😂 Just to fuel the haters,” she remarked.

screenshot of michele fitzgerald comment from instagram post showing season 39 reunion scene
Michele shades MTV a bit. Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

Fans of the show replied to Michele’s comment, sharing how they felt she was in the wrong and Nurys shut her down at the reunion.

“respectfully shut the F up,” a commenter said, repeating some of Nurys’ words toward her.

“if it wasn’t true, they wouldn’t have shown it and everyone knows it’s true,” a commenter wrote.

“hold up – Michele, you fueled the haters all season long,” another commenter posted.

screenshot of fans of the challenge on instagram responding to michele fitzgerald season 39 reunion moment
Challenge fans take aim at Michele. Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

Michele took exception to the commenter telling her to “shut the F up” and fired back.

“since I’m IN the clip I have a little more of a right to be in the comments here than you,” she wrote.

screenshot of michele fitzgerald comment firing back at fan after season 39 reunion scene
Michele responds to the “haters” online. Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

During the heated moments of the reunion, Michele also exited the stage during the filming as she couldn’t stand to watch what was going on.

In another moment during Part 2 of the reunion, Michele’s Ride or Dies rival, Laurel Stucky, said she felt Michele made the most mistakes of anyone during Season 39. However, she said that the entire cast needed to improve their strategies for future seasons.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion Reunion Part 2 airs Wednesday, March 6 at 8/7c on MTV.

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