The Challenge spoilers: Season 38 elimination format and matchups revealed

tj lavin host of the challenge season 38
TJ Lavin will return as the host for The Challenge Season 38. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

With 30-plus competitors in The Challenge Season 38, spoilers have revealed elimination results for the past several months as former finalists and champions get sent home.

MTV’s upcoming season has a Ride or Dies theme, where it’ll be pairs of teammates consisting of one man and one woman.

Those teammates are either husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, friends, or family members who compete together in the game.

While spoilers revealed the names of eliminated pairs, fans were mostly in the dark about which team was responsible for eliminating them when the spoiler results arrived.

However, recent updates have provided the names of which teams eliminated competitors, giving fans a look at several dominant duos during the upcoming season.

This report contains spoilers for how the elimination format works in The Challenge Season 38 and the names of teams that eliminated other teams from the game.

The Challenge Season 38 elimination format includes ‘daggers’

With Ride or Dies, The Challenge will have an elimination format that almost brings to mind the familiar Dirty 30 elimination premise.

During the 30th season of MTV’s show, The Challenge XXX, multiple individuals were on the chopping block for possibly going into elimination at The Presidio.

With the Double Cross twist, competitors who lost in the daily challenge tried to pull the Double Cross symbol from a random slot ahead of the elimination. If they pulled the Double Cross, they were safe and had to choose one of the other losing players to go into elimination.

Based on a Vevmo forum thread, The Challenge: Ride or Dies will feature a Daggers theme when the elimination arrives in each episode.

The team that wins the daily challenge gets a lot of power as they’ll send one team into elimination. In addition, they’ll nominate three potential teams to face them in the elimination.

However, once the elimination event arrives, the nominated teams will attempt to pull the Dagger randomly. The team that pulls the random Dagger will choose one of the other nominated teams to save, creating the elimination matchup.

Season 38 elimination matchups show dominant teams

At the Vevmo forum with Challenge spoilers, nine of the Season 38 elimination matchups and results have been revealed. The latest update reveals that Spies, Lies & Allies winner Kaycee Clark and her brother Kenny got eliminated by the team of Jordan Wiseley and Aneesa Ferreira.

Ahead of that, Double Agents winner Amber Borzotra and her boyfriend, Chauncey Palmer, were responsible for ousting Survivor pals Jay Starrett and Michele Fitzgerald from the game.

The teams of Aneesa with Jordan and Amber with Chauncey were responsible for at least two eliminations each in Season 38. Amber and Chauncey also eliminated Darrell Taylor with his teammate Veronica Portillo, who arrived during a mid-season twist. Aneesa and Jordan also eliminated the team of Laurel Stucky and her friend Jakk Maddox.

One other team has also looked strong in eliminations: the rookie duo of Love Island’s Olivia Kayser with Telemundo Exatlon’s Horacio Gutierrez.

They eliminated the team of Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran and his girlfriend Tamara Alfaro early in the season. Olivia and Horacio also took out the rookie team of Love Island’s Johnny Middlebrooks and influencer Ravyn Rochelle.

Other elimination results included Season 37 finalists Tori Deal and Devin Walker defeating Kailah Casillas with her husband Sam Bird, and rookies Kim Tranka (Prince Charming Germany) and Colleen Schneider (The Mole Germany) losing to Laurel and Jakk.

After weeks of daily challenge and eliminations, it’s down to the final four teams in The Challenge 38, including two multiple-time champs and an all-rookie duo.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA for MTV.

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