The Challenge spoilers: All Stars 3 finals conclude, first winner results arrive for competitors

the challenge all stars season 1 finalists
A total of 12 competitors started The Challenge: All Stars Season 1 final. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge spoilers are arriving for the anticipated third season of All Stars, a popular spinoff series on Paramount Plus based on MTV’s main show.

Over the past month or so, spoilers have arrived as the season filmed, including which cast members were there and who went home via elimination or otherwise.

Just recently, spoilers revealed the men and women competing in TJ Lavin’s final. Now, The Challenge: All Stars 3 spoilers have arrived from the final, with the first winner possibly revealed.

Keep in mind that this report will include spoilers for All Stars 3, which has yet to be announced for Paramount Plus.

All Stars 3 spoilers reveal competitors’ order of finish

Based on previous spoilers for All Stars 3, eight OG finalists were competing for the big prize money in Panama. That included four men and four women.

The women competing in the final included Nia Moore, Kailah Casillas, Jonna Mannion, and KellyAnne Judd. Three of the competitors have competed in at least one Challenge final, with Jonna’s first arriving in the All Stars’ first season.

KellyAnne competed in The Ruins final while Kailah competed in Vendettas’ final. Nia nearly competed in the Battle of the Exes 2 final but was disqualified from the season just ahead of that.

Challenge insider GamerVev, aka @mtvchallengeinsider on Instagram, has revealed details of how the order of finish went, including which of the women was the winner.

Based on the spoiler details, Jonna Mannion finished in first-place amongst the women from the All Stars 3 season. Kailah came in second, followed by KellyAnne and Nia. Jonna has never won a final as of this report. Her All Stars 2 season just started on Paramount Plus.

In the first season of All Stars, viewers saw KellyAnne and Jonna finish in a tie for first overall amongst the women competing in the final. However, only one winner was crowned based on the competitor with the best overall time.

Yes Duffy had the top score and was awarded the $500,000 prize money as the first All Stars winner. That came after several legs of the final, each of which featured Yes and other male competitors working with a new female teammate.

However, when all was said and done, there was only one winner, prompting KellyAnne Judd to comment about it. Many fans agreed with her sentiments that there needed to be a winner for the women too.

It has yet to be revealed if All Stars 2 will follow a similar format, but one has to think they changed that up a bit to reward a male and female for finishing the final ahead of the competition.

Which men are competing in All Stars 3 final?

Several former champions are vying for first place amongst the men for the All Stars 3 cast. Leading the way in terms of championships are two-time Challenge winners Mark Long and Wes Bergmann.

Mark competed in four regular-season finals and the first All Stars final. Wes has been to five finals during his MTV Challenge career.

Also competing are one-time winners Brad Fiorenza and Nehemiah Clark. Brad’s been in four regular-season finals, while Nehemiah has only been in The Gauntlet III final, where he was among the winners.

Both guys are cast members on the All Stars 2 season, which currently has episodes arriving on Paramount Plus, so either one of them could be competing for another win with All Stars 3.

All Stars 2 features $500,000 on the line, and one man and one woman may split that money after finishing ahead of the competition in the final. TJ Lavin has yet to reveal the details, but it seems highly likely that the format might have changed based on feedback after All Stars 1.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus. The Challenge: All Stars 3 premiere is TBA.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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