The Challenge spoilers: All Stars 2 order of finish at final, last elimination results revealed

the challenge all stars yes duffy aneesa ferreira and mark long
The Challenge: All Stars Season 1 cast members Yes Duffy, Aneesa Ferreira, and Mark Long. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars 2 has finished filming and may have its second season’s episodes arriving in the coming month.

Ahead of that, there have been spoilers for All Stars 2, indicating which competitors were eliminated, who made it to the final, and who won the season.

More spoilers have arrived to give a clearer picture of the order of finish in the final amongst the men and women competing. In addition, there was one other elimination that took place just ahead of the final.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 finalists, last elimination

The first season of All Stars on Paramount Plus featured 22 cast members initially, but eliminations reduced that number down to 12 finalists.

For The Challenge: All Stars Season 2, there were 24 cast members at the start, which included some of the stars from the first season.

Eliminations took place over the course of the past few months in Cancun, Mexico. It came down to five teams consisting of a man and woman as partners competing in the final.

Just before the final, there was one last elimination. Based on The Challenge spoilers, the team of Darrell Taylor and Janelle Casaneve defeated Brad Fiorenza and Jodi Weatherton.

That left the following teams to run TJ Lavin’s final in Cancun: Darrell with Janelle, MJ Garrett with Jonna Mannion, Teck Holmes with Ayanna Mackins, and Nehemiah Clark with Melinda Stolp.

What was the order of finish for All Stars 2 final?

The @mtvchallengeinsider Instagram account has now revealed the order of finish for The Challenge: All Stars 2 final.

It appears that it was run as pairs, with the team of Darrell and Janelle finishing as runner-ups to the previously revealed All Stars 2 winners.

Coming in third place was Nehemiah Clark and Melinda Stolp, two castmates from The Real World Austin season.

Fourth place went to Real World: Hawaii’s Teck “Money” Holmes and Road Rules star Ayanna Mackins.

The winners for The Challenge: All Stars 2 season were The Real World: Philadelphia’s MJ Garrett and The Real World: Cancun’s Jonna Mannion.

Jonna was a returning cast member from the first season of the spinoff, where she also ran in the final and tied with castmate KellyAnne Judd for third place.

Prize money has not been revealed, but it should be substantial. In the first season, the sole winner, Yes Duffy, claimed $500,000. Did Paramount Plus up the ante in Season 2, or will Jonna and MJ be splitting that $500,000?

Fans should be getting an All Stars 2 trailer in the next several weeks since the show has wrapped up filming. With that, the second season’s premiere episode could be happening in late September, although it’s speculation until Paramount Plus gives an official date.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 is TBA for 2021 on Paramount Plus.

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