The Challenge spoilers: All Stars 2 cast to bring back several OGs, another former Real World star

the cast of the challenge all stars season 1 assembled
The Challenge: All Stars 2 could feature several returning cast members from Season 1. Pic credit: Paramount+

An All Stars 2 cast for The Challenge spinoff on Paramount Plus hasn’t officially been announced but based on speculation, there’s a list of likely cast members who will appear on the spinoff’s second season.

That cast hadn’t included anyone from the first season until now. The Challenge spoilers online suggest that at least a few of the OGs are likely to return for a second season.

In addition, a former Real World and Challenge star has been added to the list. Keep in mind spoilers will follow for the potential cast of The Challenge: All Stars Season 2.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 adds former Real World star

The theme for The Challenge: All Stars is a spinoff show where former Real World, Road Rules, and The Challenge: Fresh Meat stars return to compete. The cast list for Season 2 appears like it will bring back a few more of the stars from The Real World: Cancun.

Previous spoiler reports indicated that Jasmine Reynaud was part of the Season 2 cast, and now it appears her castmate, Emilee Fitzpatrick, is also set to appear on All Stars 2. An online forum thread was recently updated to include Emilee’s name in the cast list.

Emilee, from Hamilton, Massachusetts, was a 21-year-old Hooters waitress when she debuted on Real World back in 2009, so she’s now in her early 30s. Everyone from Emilee’s Cancun cast has appeared on at least one season of MTV’s The Challenge, except for Bronne Bruzgo. Viewers saw Emilee’s castmate Jonna Mannion return for the first OGs season on Paramount Plus.

Emilee has done acting work recently, including a role in the horror film Habitual, which also featured Challenge champ CT Tamburello. She played the character, Brittany, in a wild film that involved terrifying events at an abandoned lunatic asylum in Salem, Massachusetts.

Based on Emilee’s Instagram profile, she and Jasmine are close friends long after their days on Real World and The Challenge. That could give these two competitors an early advantage in terms of an alliance, or it could cause drama like viewers saw with other friendships in Season 1.

Emilee appeared on two seasons of MTV’s The Challenge after her Real World season. They were Cutthroat and Free Agents, with Emilee never reaching a final on either season.

Camila Nakagawa eliminated her in the first episode of Cutthroat. In Free Agents, she was teamed up with CT but lost in elimination in the second episode to RW castmate Jonna Mannion.

It appears Emilee is still a fan of The Challenge, so it should be interesting to see how she fares in her first competition since 2014.

Season 1 OGs possibly returning for spinoff

Until recently, the cast list for The Challenge: All Stars 2 didn’t include any of the OGs featured in the first season. However, recent updates show that two stars from Season 1 could be back for another chance at winning it all.

They are none other than Real World: Hawaii’s Ruthie Alcaide and Real World: Austin’s Nehemiah Clark. Ruthie turns 44 years old in September, while Nehemiah turns 36 in November. The two OGs have some more familiarity now with how The Challenge works after all these years.

Nehemiah made it to the episode just before the final. Unfortunately, he and teammate Kendal Sheppard lost in that tough elimination to Jisela Delgado and Eric “Big Easy” Banks. Nehemiah showed himself to be among the stronger competitors in his physical and mental abilities, so he should be eager to return and get into the final.

Ruthie will also be looking to improve upon her All Stars success. She was one of the 12 finalists and among the 10 individuals who finished the All Stars final. She ended up in a tie for seventh place with castmate Jemmye Carroll.

As of this report for The Challenge spoilers, those are the only two returning OGs on the cast list for Season 2. It should be interesting to see if more names are added on Vevmo’s forum soon, as speculation is the cast could leave for filming in the coming days.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes are currently available on Paramount Plus.

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