The Challenge: All Stars 2 spoilers reveal more cast members, season’s potential theme

cast members of the challenge battle of the seasons in 2012
More potential cast members for The Challenge: All Stars 2 have been revealed online. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars 2 spoilers are starting to give fans an early idea of who may or may not appear as cast members for the OG spinoff’s second season.

In just the past several weeks, a shortlist of likely competitors for the Paramount Plus series has developed online, with a good group of fan favorites seeming like they could be on the show.

More details have arrived with potential spoilers about several more cast members and a surprising format for the second season, which could feature some non-OG cast members.

Two more All Stars 2 cast members considered likely

The Challenge: All Stars 2 cast is taking shape, with two more competitors recently added to a growing group of OG stars. Just like the competitors mentioned in our previous All Stars spoilers report, these two cast members also got their start on the same Real World season.

They are none other than CJ Koegel and Jasmine Reynaud, who first appeared on The Real World: Cancun together in 2009. CJ is 36 and Jasmine is 34, and each has a bit of experience competing on The Challenge. Neither won a championship, but they’ve performed well in various seasons.

CJ debuted on the Fresh Meat II season in 2010, where he teamed up with Sydney Walker. They eventually fell to Landon Lueck and Carly Johnson in what was referred to as an exile game, eliminating them from the season. CJ would return for 2012’s Battle of the Seasons, where he was part of Real World: Cancun with teammates Derek Chavez, Jonna Mannion, and Jasmine.

CJ and Jasmine would lose that particular season in a fierce Hall Brawl elimination against Real World: San Diego’s Zach Nichols and Sam McGinn.

Along with Battle of the Seasons 2012, Jasmine has appeared in four additional Challenge seasons. They were Rivals, Battle of the Exes, Rivals 2, and Free Agents.

Like CJ, Jasmine has never reached a final. However, she was involved in an impressive elimination upset alongside her former Real World: Cancun castmate Jonna during the Rivals season.

In their debut, the two rookies worked together to win a Jungle game called unburied against Real World: Brooklyn teammates Sarah Rice and Katelynn Cusanelli.

Surprising Challenge spinoff format and non-OG cast member revealed?

It appears based on recent speculation online that the second season of All Stars won’t just be OG competitors, but could be a Champs vs. Stars theme.

That’s an interesting switch as the first season seemed quite popular with how it was only former Fresh Meat, Real World, and Road Rules competitors returning for the spinoff.

The speculation about it being a Champs vs. Stars format arrived from Challenge insider and superfan, @GamerVev on Twitter.

So far, six OG cast members are “likely” based on an online forum thread’s speculation. In addition to CJ and Jasmine, the other cast revealed have included Eric Nies, Tina Barta, Janelle Casaneve, and Tyler Duckworth.

However, a non-OG was also revealed in the online speculation via @GamerVev’s Twitter. It’s none other than former Big Brother winner Josh Martinez, who is part of The Challenge Season 37 (spoilers) currently filming in Croatia.

challenge insider tweets potential non-og for all stars 2
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

That may not sit well with a lot of fans if it’s true, as it could upset plenty who feel Josh has been causing a lot of drama on the regular season. Time will tell if this rumor pans out and he is part of a Champs vs. Stars style of All Stars 2 season, though.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 premiere date is TBA on Paramount Plus. All Stars Season 1 episodes are currently available on-demand.

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