The Challenge Season 40 spoilers: Fans say ‘cancel it’ as latest elimination results arrive

the challenge host tj lavin face shot from mtv
TJ Lavin will host Season 40 of The Challenge. Pic credit: MTV

A recent batch of spoilers for The Challenge Season 40 seems to have fans riled up about what is happening in the game.

As seasons film in other countries, online spoilers tend to paint a picture of who might have power thanks to alliances.

Unfortunately, fans of the show usually aren’t happy when they see their favorite competitors out of the game earlier than they’d like.

That seems to be the case for Season 40, as new elimination results hit the internet and fans expressed their frustrations.

Many even suggested that production needs to “cancel” airing the next installment of MTV’s competition series after these results.

This report contains spoilers for The Challenge Season 40 filming in Vietnam.

Two more MTV OGs eliminated from Season 40

The format of Challenge Season 40 features four groups of competitors. Each represents a different era from MTV’s competition series.

Era 1 is the OG generation, featuring stars like Mark Long, Aneesa Ferreira, and Katie Cooley, while Era 4 is the newest generation with competitors such as Horacio Gutierrez and Nurys Mateo.

Based on recent elimination results, two more competitors from Era 1 ended their bids to win the season.

The latest Vevmo forum update revealed that Tina Barta is officially out of the season after previously eliminating show winner Laurel Stucky. Viewers have seen Tina appear in The Challenge: All Stars 2 and 3, with an injury sending her home early in the latter.

According to spoiler results, an unknown competitor also eliminated Era 1’s Darrell Taylor from Season 40. Darrell appeared as a mercenary in Season 39, where Kyland Young defeated him in elimination. He’s also been in three seasons of The Challenge: All Stars and MTV’s Ride or Dies season.

After the various eliminations, Era 1 is down to just two competitors after initially starting with eight.

Fans react to elimination results saying ‘cancel’ Season 40

The recent elimination spoilers didn’t sit well with fans as they reacted to seeing Darrell and Tina ousted from the game.

One fan posted “cancel it!” on an Instagram spoiler post from @mtvchallengeinsider, while another commented, “NOOOOOO.”

“Bananas is winning,” another fan commented, while one wrote, “They’re really going after era 1.”

screenshot as fans react to the challenge season 40 elimination results
Challenge fans weigh in. Pic credit: @mtvchallengeinsider/Instagram

Additional comments on the Instagram post showed other fans were upset with the elimination spoiler results.

“Oh wow we keep losing bad,” a commenter wrote.

“so you telling me Rachel and Derrick is left from era 1,” another commented.

Yet another fan wrote, “Okay, now definitely cancel it.”

screenshot shows fans of the challenge react to season 40 spoilers results on instagram
More Challenge fans weigh in. Pic credit: @mtvchallengeinsider/Instagram

As a commenter pointed out above, the last players remaining for Era 1 are now former show winners Rachel Robinson and Derrick Kosinski.

Previous Era 1 elimination spoilers revealed that All Stars Mark Long, Katie Cooley, and Aneesa Ferreira are out and so is five-time champion Chris “CT” Tamburello.

That still leaves several recent champions competing in the game, including Devin Walker, Tori Deal, Kaycee Clark, and Johnny Bananas.

Other potential contenders include Nehemiah Clark, Nia Moore, Josh Martinez, Kyland Young, and former finalists Olivia Kaiser and Cara Maria Sorbello.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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1 month ago

That’s it! I loved The Challenge when there was true competition. What you have now is a bunch of wannabe stars that spend their time plotting and ganging up on the ones who can truly win a competition. Season 39 highlighted this with the number of competitors who never saw a time in the arena. I will probably watch until you get rid of CT and Darrell. After that it’s the same old back stabbing to insure the safety of those not talented enough to compete. There’s more hooking up (yes I realize this went on in the earlier seasons) than physical workout that’s not in a bunk.