The Challenge Season 38 spoilers reveal surprising elimination and matchup update

tj lavin at an elimination for the challenge all stars spinoff
Based on spoilers, surprises have arrived often during The Challenge Season 38. Pic credit: Paramount+

Another team of competitors is eliminated from the game as The Challenge Season 38 spoilers continue to arrive online. There have been surprises and twists, with the latest elimination results including what may be a surprise for some people.

The new season of MTV’s reality competition series is currently filming in Argentina, with a large sum of prize money on the line for the winners. Competitors include former champions and finalists, rookies, and even some people making first-time reality TV appearances.

However, the latest eliminated team is a pair of well-known competitors. This report will feature spoilers for MTV’s 38th season of The Challenge, including the names of eliminated competitors.

Power team eliminated from Season 38

The next installment in MTV’s The Challenge has some major stars in the cast, including seven-time champion Johnny Bananas and former champions Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran and Laurel Stucky. However, some surprise competitors have also joined the cast along the way.

Based on the latest update via the Vevmo forum thread, a pair of Road Rules OGs are no longer part of The Challenge Season 38. PinkRose revealed that four-time champion Darrell Taylor and three-time champ Veronica Portillo officially got eliminated from the competition.

The duo arrived as mercenaries in a surprise twist for the cast of Season 38. It’s unknown if they were in the show for more than an episode or eliminated during an elimination event when they arrived. As of this report, it’s unknown which team eliminated them.

Both Darrell and Veronica appeared as part of The Challenge: All Stars 3 spinoff cast. Darrell last appeared on MTV’s The Challenge for the Double Agents season, where he teamed up with Amber Borzotra for much of the season. However, Cory Wharton eliminated the 42-year-old multi-time champ in Episode 14.

Before All Stars 3, fans last saw the 44-year-old Veronica as Chris “CT” Tamburello’s rival teammate for Final Reckoning. Unfortunately, the team got eliminated from the season in Episode 10 as they weren’t selected as part of the redemption twist.

Elimination matchup correction arrives

In addition to the above spoilers, an update arrived for one of the Season 38 elimination matchups that Monsters and Critics reported recently. Spoilers previously revealed that Laurel Stucky and teammate Jakk Maddox eliminated the team of Kailah Casillas and her husband, Sam Bird.

However, a correction from The Challenge spoiler account @GamerVev on Twitter indicates that Tori Deal and Devin Walker were responsible for ousting Kailah and Sam from the game.

gamervev tweets challenge 38 matchup correction
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

Tori and Devin returned for Season 38 after their Spies, Lies & Allies run, where they reached TJ Lavin’s final. Tori finished as a runner-up with her teammate Kyle Christie, while Devin finished in third with teammate Emy Alupei.

Despite them not winning the season, they still left with some money. The first-place team of CT and Kaycee Clark won $1 million and decided, as part of the final’s twist, to give each of the other competitors $50,000 in prize money for their efforts.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA on MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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