The Challenge Season 38, Episode 12 trailer teases Tori Deal yelling at Jordan Wiseley

tori deal in the challenge 38 episode 11
Tori Deal appears in a scene from The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 11. Pic credit: MTV

Things are heating up for The Challenge Season 38, as Episode 12 will feature another clash between former lovers Tori Deal and Jordan Wiseley.

The duo didn’t arrive to Ride or Dies as teammates, although they seemed to become reacquainted with one another and possibly headed toward rekindling their romance.

However, a rookie castmate got between them, as Jordan became interested in Nurys Mateo, who was Nelson Thomas’ teammate.

That would cause conflict for Tori and Jordan, as Tori felt her former fiance was trying to rub his showmance in her face out of spite for how their relationship ended.

Based on a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Challenge episode, the two will have another argument during Episode 12. In addition, Devin Walker will try to rally his team to snap their losing streak.

This report may contain spoilers for The Challenge: Ride or Dies season.

The Challenge 38, Episode 12 trailer arrives

After Ride or Dies Episode 11 ended, viewers got a teaser trailer for what is on the way in a volatile Episode 12. Early on, Devin is telling his castmates, “If we keep on this track, it’s gonna end in tragedy.”

Footage shows his teammates, Amber Borzotra, Nany Gonzalez, and Jordan, as part of the scene. In the previous two episodes, they lost teammates Kenny Clark and Nurys Mateo in eliminations after losing each of the daily challenges.

That makes winning the Episode 12 daily challenge imperative for the team initially assembled by Moriah Jadea. Based on the teaser, the next challenge will involve a helicopter ride, although competitors will hang on from rope ladders attached to the copter as it flies above water.

“Prepare for some tough love when #TheChallenge38 is all-new next Wednesday on MTV,” a caption on the post reads.

The latest daily challenge will be the third since a Ride or Dies twist arrived on the show, splitting up teammates as two large teams were chosen by captains Faysal Shafaat and Moriah. That’s led to eliminations where teammates battled at The Zone in individual matchups rather than pairs.

Jordan’s Ride or Dies showmance ended in Episode 11

As mentioned above, Nurys exited Ride or Dies via elimination in Episode 11, as she lost to teammate Amber in Pato Brawl, a new version of Pole Wrestle. Nurys was the majority vote to go into the elimination matchup, with Tori one of the leading proponents due to how she felt about Jordan and Nurys’ showmance.

Nurys’ exit means Jordan won’t have his showmance there with him, likely leading to further issues between him and Tori. The trailer seems to spotlight that toward the end.

“You did this right now, not me. Don’t blame this on me!” Tori is heard yelling at someone, but that isn’t shown.

“Jordan is just making this game increasingly more difficult for me,” she says in what sounds like a confessional interview.

“Act like a f***ing man!” Tori is heard saying in another sound bite.

Tori and Jordan became engaged several years ago during their War of the Worlds 2 season, where Jordan proposed to Tori after winning an elimination. However, things fell apart after Tori had finished filming The Challenge Season 36, aka Double Agents, leading to them announcing their split.

At one point, it seemed things got messy between them, and Jordan indicated he wouldn’t return for the MTV show if Tori were part of the cast. However, that changed with Ride or Dies, which brought some exciting drama between the formerly engaged couple.

Will their latest argument bring about another elimination matchup for Episode 12? Many viewers will anxiously await the next installment to see what unfolds between the former lovers.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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