The Challenge Season 37 spoilers: Rumors about cast member’s surprise exit, former finalist’s elimination

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The Challenge Season 37 is set to arrive on MTV in 2021. Pic credit: MTV’Paramount+

The Challenge Season 37 spoilers continue to arrive online as cast members are filming for the next season of MTV’s competitive series. It’s been several weeks now since filming resumed, and that means a lot has happened.

That includes various cast members exiting the show for different reasons, such as being replaced, eliminated, or other circumstances.

This post will contain some Season 37 spoilers for The Challenge, including details on two cast members that were part of the season but have since departed. Read on for details about their exits.

The Challenge 37 eliminations continue

In recent weeks, fans checking spoilers might have seen a major trend with eliminations hinting at a big alliance. In past seasons of The Challenge, it was the rookies getting thrown into elimination early and often. That trend sort of disappeared with Double Agents, although many rookies departed for other reasons too.

However, Season 37 of MTV’s show seems to have taken away a twist many viewers might have disliked. There are no Red or Gold Skulls up for grabs, so elimination isn’t a necessary thing.

With that said, it seemed to show that many of the new rookie competitors on the season were getting eliminated, with just a few remaining, as of this report. That left plenty of veteran stars including fan-favorites, former finalists, and Challenge winners.

However, the latest elimination may upset more than a few fans, as an Instagram spoiler post has revealed that a Teen Mom and Real World cast member is rumored to have been eliminated.

Cory Wharton seems to be the latest veteran to be eliminated after his appearance in last season’s Double Agents final. He was a runner-up alongside partner Kam Williams, and they banked $10,000 apiece for second place.

That said, several of the veterans remaining may have seen Cory as a threat or potentially in an alliance with a few other cast members. That could include Big Brother star Josh Martinez and Cory’s good friend Nelson Thomas, who are still there. Or did one of them doublecross their friend?

Two former winners of the show remain with Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell and Chris “CT” Tamburello, both vying for whatever the prize is in Croatia. Viewers saw on Double Agents that Ashley and CT were a pair that other teams targeted to eliminate early.

Other veterans rumored to be still competing include Double Agents finalists Nany Gonzalez and Kaycee Clark and returning cast members Amanda Garcia, Kyle Christie, and Tula “Big T” Martinez.

Rumors of why rookie cast member was kicked off the show

Weeks ago, as elimination spoilers started to arrive online, several rookie cast members were rumored to have been the first to go. Among them were Michaela Bradshaw, Renan Hellemans, Lauren Coogan, and Kelz Dyke. 

While Michaela, Renan, and Kelz were eliminated, an online forum thread indicated that Lauren Coogan was disqualified. However, spoilers did not reveal details of why she left the show weeks ago.

Based on recent insider accounts posting online (see tweet below), it is now being rumored that the former Love Island USA 2 star made a “comment,” resulting in her DQ. It’s unknown what she said or who it was directed at, although there is speculation she was in some drama involving other castmates. Fans previously speculated she had a situation with Aneesa Ferreira during the filming.

The speculation about Lauren’s comment is that it may have been an “offensive remark.” However, this has yet to be confirmed or reported, so more details are likely to keep arriving. It’s also unknown if MTV will show her “comment” or remarks in an episode. The rookie cast member was disqualified early and replaced by Double Agents winner Amber Borzotra.

the challenge insider tweets details on rookie cast member leaving
Pic credit: @jaychallenge1/Twitter

While Amber has been eliminated in recent weeks, it appears her Double Agents teammate, CT Tamburello, is still in the running to win it all. If that happens, it will make for his fifth Challenge championship, leaving him just two behind Johnny Bananas.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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