The Challenge Season 37 spoilers: Paulie Calafiore reacts and comments about former castmates’ drama

paulie calafiore in a confenssional interview for the challenge final reckoning
Paulie Calafiore debuted on The Challenge: Final Reckoning season. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

Following a recent round of The Challenge Season 37 spoilers, many fans and even cast members have been giving their thoughts about the latest rumors.

That includes Paulie Calafiore, who appeared on three seasons of The Challenge, and was last seen in the final on War of the Worlds 2. He’s no stranger to drama or intense confrontations and recently gave his thoughts on what’s being rumored with the new season.

Keep in mind that this post will contain spoilers for Season 37 of The Challenge including names of cast members and potential reasons for their exits from the show.

Paulie comments on Season 37 spoilers and rumors

Former Big Brother star Paulie Calafiore has been in the headlines quite a bit lately as he’s been commenting about The Challenge. That includes his comments about his former castmate Jemmye Carroll and now comments about a situation on Season 37.

That situation is the rumored disqualification of Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell, who worked with Paulie, his girlfriend Cara Maria Sorbello, and several others as part of a big alliance for Team USA on the War of the Worlds 2 season.

Based on the latest Season 37 spoilers online, Ashley was involved in an argument with her castmate Josh Martinez, resulting in her being dismissed from the season. It happened as it appears that competitors are getting very close to the final too.

Paulie took to Twitter, where he tweeted his thoughts on how The Challenge should handle DQs, as he gave a nod to show host TJ Lavin, and suggested they bring in a new twist with eliminations.

“Instead of dq’ing people I think TJ should walk in the house and say something witty like ‘Y’all wanna act tough? Let’s settle this in the sand!’ Then next elimination is something physical and those people are forced to go against each other. That’s how you’d know who’s about it,” Paulie tweeted.

the challenge star paulie calafiore tweets about season 37
Pic credit: @PaulCalafiore_/Twitter

Prior to that tweet, Paulie retweeted a Challenge insider account that suggested he needed to return to the show for another season, with a specific objective in mind. That objective is “beat tf outta josh” as the insider account suggested that Josh wants to “be a bad girl so bad” and someone needs to “hit him.”

the challenge insider tweet about paulie calafiore
Pic credit: @PaulCalafiore_/Twitter

The argument involving Josh Martinez on Season 37 is the second rumored incident to result in a cast member being kicked off the show. Previously, an argument occurred involving Josh’s Double Agents alliance pal, Fessy Shafaat, which resulted in Fessy’s DQ from Season 37.

Paulie involved in heated incidents on The Challenge

During his debut season on The Challenge: Final Reckoning, viewers saw Paulie get into it with a few of his fellow castmates, including Kyle Christie, Brad Fiorenza, and Zach Nichols. There was a lot of animosity due to Kyle as Cara Maria’s former showmance, which prompted some in-house tension and feuds.

Paulie would gain some intel while he was exiled with teammate Natalie Negrotti at the Redemption House, which was a twist during the season that saw eliminated competitors sent there for a chance to return to the main house. While at the Redemption House, Paulie noticed interactions between castmate Britni Thornton and ex-boyfriend Chuck Mowery from Are You The One 3? pointed towards Britni still loving her ex.

He’d go on to use that to start up rumors that Britni and Chuck were hooking up at the Redemption House while Britni’s current boyfriend, Brad Fiorenza, was at the main house. That may have helped Paulie gain a psychological advantage over his opponent.

Nonetheless, he’s no stranger to altercations or near-fights. While Kyle is considered Paulie’s biggest feud on the show, Paulie also got into it with Josh Martinez during the War of the Worlds 2 season after doublecrossing Johnny Bananas and sending him into elimination.

Neither Paulie nor Josh was sent home for their heated argument, though, so things may have become more strict on The Challenge for Season 37. It’s possible the incidents were much worse due to what was said, or the cast members were previously warned over fighting in the house.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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