The Challenge’s Britni Thornton says she’ll ‘always have a rivalry’ with Paulie, reveals favorite competitor

the challenge star britni thornton on final reckoning season
The Challenge’s Britni Thornton during a Final Reckoning confessional interview. Pic credit: Hulu

Several of The Challenge’s competitors over the years have come from MTV’s Are You The One? 3 — including Devin Walker, Hunter Barfield, Nelson Thomas, Amanda Garcia, and Britni Thornton.

After appearing on Are You The One? 3, Britni competed in three seasons of The Challenge, starting with Dirty 30, but she never made it to a final. However, she still keeps in touch with fans on social media.

During a recent Q&A session, she shared who her favorite Challenge competitor is, why she will always have a rivalry with Paulie Calafiore, and if she plans to return to MTV.

Britni Thornton’s favorite Challenge star linked with rival

During a recent Instagram Q&A session, fans sent everything from marriage proposals to Challenge questions to Britni Thornton. Those Challenge questions brought up a power couple in her answers.

One of those questions asked her favorite competitor from The Challenge, and Britni seemed able to answer that one, naming Cara Maria Sorbello as her favorite.

“I mean have you met one of my best friends? Hello, Cara Maria, let’s go!” Britni replied in her IG Story video (below).

She was also asked why she has a rivalry with Paulie Calafiore and said viewers need to check out the Final Reckoning season of MTV’s The Challenge to understand why they’ll “always have a rivalry.”

The other question related to possibly a return to The Challenge was someone suggesting Britni return to MTV. It seems she’s open to doing so as she said, “One day, my darling. One day.”

What happened with Final Reckoning season?

Viewers last saw Britni Thornton appear on the popular Final Reckoning season of The Challenge, currently available on Hulu. It featured the Redemption House twist.

With that twist, cast members could get eliminated but then fight their way back into The Challenge house by winning an elimination against other Redemption House competitors.

Britni ended up there with her former flame Chuck Mowery, who was her partner for the season. That ended up causing some drama as Britni’s boyfriend Brad Fiorenza, was also a competitor on that season.

With Brad unable to see what was going on at the Redemption House, fellow competitor Paulie Calafiore used that to stir things up when he got back to the main house by making it seem Britni and Chuck were hooking up.

That seemed to work as it got Brad wanting to know the true story of what Britni was doing while she was away from him.

Britni and Chuck almost got back into the game, but unfortunately, the twist wouldn’t allow every Redemption House team the option to take part in elimination for a chance to return. By Episode 4, they were officially eliminated from the season.

In the next few episodes after that, Brad made a tough video call to Britni following her elimination to see what was going on. She denied she did anything with Chuck at the Redemption House and they closed the call, seemingly OK with one another.

However, things eventually fell apart.

The couple, who originally met on the Vendettas season of The Challenge, officially split up in 2018, per US Weekly’s report.

In that report, Brad referred to Britni’s “issues with her not having closure with that relationship” with Chuck on Final Reckoning and said he “saw some activity” in episodes that made him “uncomfortable.”

Based on Britni’s Q&A answer above, it seems viewers could still see her in a future season. Veteran stars including Theresa Jones and Darrell Taylor returned for Double Agents after several years away from The Challenge.

If not on the competitive series, it’s always possible she’ll pop up on an Ex on the Beach or another MTV show beyond The Challenge.

If it’s a return for The Challenge, it will be quite interesting if it’s a season also featuring her rival Paulie and favorite competitor, Cara Maria.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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