The Challenge Season 37 spoilers: Fans react to competitor’s impressive performance during the season

the challenge competitors at double agents elimination site
One cast member on The Challenge Season 37 put on an impressive performance for their first season. Pic credit: MTV

With The Challenge spoilers for Season 37, fans have been able to get an idea of how various competitors fared in the latest installment of MTV’s show.

This includes details of the eliminations and who made it to the final for the upcoming season. At least one cast member put on an impressive performance that may rank up there with some of the best of all time.

This report will feature spoilers for the upcoming episodes of The Challenge Season 37, including names of competitors who won and lost eliminations, as well as finalists’ names.

Challenge rookie had an impressive debut

During The Challenge: Double Agents, viewers saw former Big Brother star Amber Borzotra put her name into the history book. Not only did she go 2-0 in eliminations, winning both her Hall Brawls, but she also was a winner in the final alongside teammate CT Tamburello.

However, another rookie nearly outdid that debut. Viewers should certainly be watching for one rookie, particularly on The Challenge Season 37, as Survivor Romania’s Emy Alupei put on an impressive performance in just her first season.

Based on the online spoiler reports, Emy went into four eliminations during the filming of the new season in Croatia and was on the winning side in each of them.

The private Instagram account @jaybackupp_ shared a post about the X Factor and Survivor Romania star’s 4-0 debut season.

emy elupei of the challenge season 37
Pic credit: @jaybackupp_/Instagram

A Vevmo forum thread indicated that Emy was initially teamed up with fellow rookie Corey Lay from 12 Dates of Christmas. That seemed to change, possibly after filming was halted due to a positive COIVD-19 test shut things down and had the cast in quarantine.

Emy somehow became partners with Ed Eason (The Circle), and they were sent into elimination against a rookie team of Kelechi “Kelz” Dyke (Too Hot to Handle) and Tracy Candela (Love Island DE).

It seems that Emy kept getting sent back into eliminations, most likely because she was perceived as a threat. It was a solo battle for her second time, and she ousted fellow rookie Olaoluwa “Esther” Agunbiade from Big Brother Naija.

Emy took on yet another rookie, Paradise Hotel’s Bettina Buchanan, and won again for her next time in. Her fourth win was eliminating veteran competitor Tula “Big T” Fazakerley. That helped Emy go 4-0 and survive to compete with the veteran competitors in TJ Lavin’s final. Not too shabby for a first season.

Fans react to Emy’s 4-0 record in rookie season

With a perfect 4-0 record in her rookie season, all that was missing was a win in TJ’s final for The Challenge Season 37. Based on spoiler reports, Emy wasn’t a winner. However, there were possible hints that she placed second ahead of two veterans who seemed to discuss how things played out.

“4-0, possibly second place she wasn’t playing around,” one person commented about Emy’s rookie season.

jaybackupp instagram comments about season 37 the challenge
Pic credit: @jaybackupp_/Instagram

Another commenter dubbed Emy Alupei as The Challenge rookie of the decade, which she may very well be in the running for. She has at the very least doubled the 2-0 record that rookie Amber Borzotra had on Double Agents.

fan comments on the challenge season 37 rookie
Pic credit: @jaybackupp_/Instagram

Yet another fan pointed out several other major stars from The Challenge who had impressive starts to their careers on the show. They include “Killa” Kam Williams, Derrick Kosinski, and Wes Bergmann. The latter two competitors have won at least two finals each. Kam placed second in the Double Agents final.

the challenge fans react to rookie season 37
Pic credit: @jaybackupp_/Instagram

One Challenge fan questioned if this might be an all-time best performance for the rookie when it comes to her 4-0 eliminations record in one season.

The challenge fans react to season 37 rookie elimination wins
Pic credit: @jaybackupp_/Instagram

Emy’s four elimination wins fall just one short of a few other performances from Challenge history. In the Fresh Meat season, the team of Wes Bergmann and Casey Cooper won five eliminations.

That was a team situation, but rookie Sarah Greyson (Road Rules: Campus Crawl) also won five eliminations during her only season, The Gauntlet. Sarah also went on to be part of the winning team in her rookie season, making for one impressive debut.

Even so, Emy Alupei looks like she could be a fierce new competitor when it comes to The Challenge, which is a good sign for the future of the series if she returns to compete!

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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