The Challenge Season 37 spoilers: Competitor says they were ‘absolutely gutted’ after Episode 16 elimination

tj lavin in the challenge spies lies alles episode 16
TJ Lavin at the elimination event in The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 16. Pic credit: MTV

In the 16th episode of The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies, the agents bid farewell to one of their castmates after another elimination event.

Following the episode, that competitor spoke about being the house vote for elimination and reacted to leaving for the season.

Spoilers for The Challenge Season 37 are included in this report, including who went home from Episode 16.

License to Chill elimination sends agent home

In Season 37, Episode 16, it was a women’s elimination day, as the previous episode saw Kyle Christie send Josh Martinez home.

In the Million Dollar Heist daily mission, the Emerald team picked up their fifth win of the season, making them The Agency. Ahead of nominations, Big T Fazakerley said she would volunteer herself to go into the elimination. She intended to win and then infiltrate the Emerald team, stealing Amanda Garcia’s spot.

Her wish was granted, as The Agency voted her in. That left her to decide at The Lair if she wanted to face rookie Emy Alupei or Tori Deal. She opted to go against the rookie, who was already 3-0 in eliminations for the season.

They battled in License to Chill, which featured two pools full of ice-cold water. Each of the ladies had to swim from one side of their pool to the other, ring a bell, and then swim back across. From there, they’d climb out and go to work, trying to solve a giant puzzle.

Every so often, host TJ Lavin blew an air horn, meaning the ladies had to get back in the pool and swim again to ring the bell before they could get out and continue on the puzzle. The first one to solve their puzzle would win, while the loser would go home.

With that particular event, many castmates felt Big T had an advantage due to being a good swimmer. However, the rookie Emy continued to prove why she’s rookie of the season, as she kept battling and ultimately solved her puzzle faster than Big T.

Big T had already lost in elimination several episodes before Episode 16. However, due to Ashley Mitchell’s deactivation, TJ Lavin called Big T back. He said she could have another chance since Ruby needed another team member.

However, this elimination was for good, as Big T officially bid farewell to her castmates just ahead of TJ’s final for Season 37.

Competitor reacts to Episode 16 nomination and elimination

During The Challenge: Aftermath show, host Devyn Simone asked Big T how she felt about being the house vote, which she actually wanted.

“At this stage, I actually just wanted to go down anyway to prove myself just to be like, ‘Look, I fought to have a place here. I do deserve to be here,'” she said.

“When you’re in the house by default, you know you do have a bad feeling, and like honestly I felt bloody marvelous when I was the house vote because I felt as if I had my own fate in my own hands,” she said.

Devyn asked Big T what it was like having to leave the season for good after this elimination.

“You know, it was for real this time. I was absolutely gutted because I just felt as if, you know, The Challenge gods had given me an elimination which I should have done well in because it wasn’t something physical…If it was a Hall Brawl or something like this, you know it would have been completely to my disadvantage,” she said of the opportunity.

“At the end of the day, you know I had so many close friends who were at the final and so just leaving at that moment knowing Devin, Kyle, Nany, Kaycee, CT, they were all there, you know, that gave me so much joy,” she shared during Aftermath.

Ahead of her elimination episode for Season 37, Big T revealed during an Instagram Story Q&A session that she probably won’t be returning for The Challenge Season 38. However, she shared that she will likely return in the future as she continues to focus on her physical training, particularly endurance and running.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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