The Challenge Season 37 spoilers: Cast member’s elimination revealed following DQ situations

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Another elimination matchup from The Challenge Season 37 in Croatia has arrived online. Pic credit: MTV

When it comes to The Challenge Season 37, it appears there will be a good amount of drama coming in the episodes for MTV’s reality competition series.

Over the past few months, the new season has been filming in Croatia, and spoilers have been arriving online to give fans an idea of various cast drama, hookups, and eliminations.

One particular cast member seems to have been involved in more drama than others, causing a few castmates to go home. Now it has been revealed who eliminated that individual ahead of the final.

Big elimination revealed for Challenge Season 37?

While The Challenge Season 37 spoilers haven’t revealed any of the specifics in terms of elimination events, eliminated competitors’ names have been arriving over the past several weeks.

In addition, online spoiler reports have been showing the rumored elimination matchups, so that gives an idea of which competitors were sent into elimination by castmates.

While a recent Season 37 spoilers report showed numerous eliminations, it left a few questions. However, the @mtvchallengeinsider Instagram recently revealed another elimination matchup. This time some fans in the comments seemed pleased to see which individual was eliminated and which veteran did the eliminating.

That elimination matchup rid the game of Big Brother winner Josh Martinez, who has yet to reach a final on The Challenge. Meanwhile, it appeared to keep Kyle Christie alive for the final, unlike his Double Agents situation. He was close to the end of Season 36 only to lose to Big Brother star Fessy Shafaat in elimination by medical disqualification after dislocating or breaking a finger in Hall Brawl.

Kyle was also involved in a few of Josh’s blowups on Double Agents, including an incident where Josh knocked a cup of water off a counter and it splashed towards Kyle. That got the former Geordie Shore star riled up and he was ready to fight, but castmates prevented it.

Cast member involved in Season 37 drama

Based on previous online spoilers, Josh was once again at the center of several incidents involving drama with castmates during the filming for The Challenge. Those incidents involved his Double Agents ally Fessy Shafaat and Challenge castmate Ashley Mitchell.

Both incidents resulted in Josh’s castmates getting sent home from the show, while Josh managed to survive in the game. Apparently, in one incident, Fessy was disqualified due to an “altercation” with Josh, but specifics are unknown. It appears that it was somewhat physical but not too serious.

In the other incident, Ashley was disqualified from the show due to an argument she got into with Josh. It’s unknown if there were certain comments or threats made that got her kicked off the show. The cast may have been warned about arguing at some point after the Fessy incident, and then Ashley’s situation with Josh happened after that warning.

Fans won’t know until more tea is spilled or the episode footage starts to arrive. However, it’s clear that just like the Double Agents season, Josh is involved in more than a few arguments. Season 37 was his fifth appearance on MTV’s The Challenge.

A Challenge producer and casting lead was part of an interview weeks ago where she revealed why Josh is continually cast for the show despite getting lots of online hate. She mentioned he was a favorite of hers for the cast for many reasons. She also said she felt Josh might become more popular with fans over a few more seasons.

Meanwhile, it looks like the final could be going on right now in Croatia or elsewhere. As of this report, it appears eight competitors are in the Season 37 final, including a former winner and a rookie. A winner or winners could be revealed very soon, which will mean The Challenge Season 37 premiere could happen in a few months.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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