The Challenge Season 37, Episode 18 recap: Who went home from Night of Eliminations?

the challenge season 37 cast members in episode 18
The Challenge agents at the Night of Eliminations in Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 18. Pic credit: MTV

As The Challenge Season 37, Episode 18 opened, host TJ Lavin revealed it was time for the Night of Eliminations. He said one male and one female would get sent home tonight.

He told them that the cells were disbanded, so everyone needed to form a single line. Each person got to vote for one female to send into elimination. It started with Emanuel Neagu, who chose Amanda Garcia. She was right next to him and voted for Tori Deal.

Amanda received eight votes from her castmates, so she had to go down into the Lair. She got to call out her opponent, though. Amanda asked TJ what they were playing, and he said it’s not the same game Emanuel just did. She called Tori down.

Night of Eliminations begins for agents

The Challenge competitors battled in Drone Drop, with a “laser-guided drone” hovering above the ground level of the Lair. It dropped a silver football into the sand, and the two competitors had to fight to grab it and then go drop it into a podium.

The first round started, and a drone dropped a silver ball on the ground. Amanda wrestled with Tori for a while. Eventually, the ball got kicked away towards the podium.

Tori showed she was the stronger of the two as she picked Amanda up and carried her over to the ball and podium. She scooped up the ball and put it into the podium to win the first round.

tori deal and amanda garcia in the challenge season 37 episode 18 elimination
The Challenge’s Tori Deal carries Amanda Garcia during their elimination event in Season 37, Episode 18. Pic credit: MTV

In his confessional, Nelson Thomas said Amanda made a mistake picking a vet like Tori for revenge rather than picking a rookie.

In her exit interview, Amanda said she’s not sure she would have made a different decision for her opponent in who to pick. She said she’s going home to see her son and try to be the No. 1 mom. TJ told Amanda this ends her time on The Challenge for now.

Rookie heads into second elimination of night

After Tori rejoined the group, she got the first vote to send someone into elimination. She voted for Nelson since he voted for her. The vets mostly voted for Emanuel Neagu as the only male rookie. Emy didn’t choose him and said Nelson’s name.

Emanuel got to choose his next opponent, so he called Devin down to face him in the elimination event.

Nelson took exception to how Tori had yelled down to Emanuel not to choose Devin. He started arguing with her up in the stands, so she went and moved in between Kaycee Clark and Nany Gonzalez.

The guys competed in Triple Threat, a series of three puzzles, which Devin excels at in The Challenge.

They started on the first puzzle, which had them arranging puzzle pieces with colored squares so that each row and column had the same colors. Surprisingly, Emanuel solved his first and moved on to the next puzzle, which involved numbers and math.

Emanuel yelled to Tori what it was, and she started trying to help him from the stands, surprising her fellow vets.

devin walker vs emanuel neagu in the challenge season 37 episode 18
Devin Walker and Emanuel Neagu compete in an elimination event involving three puzzles. Pic credit: MTV

Devin finally solved the first one and moved to the next, which he’d studied before. In the puzzle, they had nine blocks, numbered from one to nine. They had to arrange the blocks so each row added up to 15. Devin quickly got it and moved to the final puzzle.

That one involved colored diamonds they had to arrange in the proper order. After looking at it for a while, Devin figured out his mistake and swapped a few pieces to win.

Devin praised Emanuel for playing a flawless game this season and said he’ll be back. TJ told Emanuel to take care, and he bid his castmates farewell, telling Tori he’d see her soon. He told Emy to bring home the money.

TJ tells agents what they’ve been waiting for

After Emanuel left the scene, TJ revealed the news the agents had been waiting for. The eight remaining competitors had qualified for his final.

Everyone celebrated while Emy knelt down crying. Nany and Tori helped her up and congratulated her as the only rookie to make it. He told them to go rest up because it will test them in ways they couldn’t even imagine.

Back at headquarters, Nelson continued to talk to castmates about Tori helping out Emanuel from the stands.

Nelson said they couldn’t stay mad and needed to prepare for the final. Devin said things have a way of evening themselves out.

Kaycee and Nany talked to each other the next day about making it into the final for their first time together. CT was making up steaks and talking to Devin. Emy came over and thanked them for continuing to support her daily.

Nelson was in an ice bath the next day and speaking with Tori again. She asked his motivation to win the final, and he said he wanted to open a salon for his mother.

As a single woman now, Tori said she wanted to prove she could win this final herself without help. Kyle’s motivation was that he’d have a new baby back home and needs that money.

TJ’s final officially begins in Croatia

It was time for the final. The agents went from headquarters to a spot where a red and black Challenge helicopter landed, and TJ stepped out.

He welcomed them to the Spies, Lies & Allies final. To start, they had to assemble a puzzle, then race to get a helicopter. From there, they’d take a leap of faith out of the helicopter and into a lake.

TJ told the agents they had no idea what was coming in this final. He told Emy she looked “very scared,” and she agreed.

They raced to the puzzle, where they had to arrange a bunch of large blocks, making a map of the world. Then they had to place certain countries’ flags on it. CT finished first and left his puzzle visible so others could see it. Tori got hers solved, followed by Nelson.

After everyone solved it, they got into four helicopters with two agents each, based on the order they finished the puzzle. So it was CT and Tori, Nelson and Devin, Kyle and Kaycee, and then Emy and Nany.

Each helicopter flew out above the water for them to jump. Next, agents had to swim to get special devices to power their way across the lake.

CT and Tori got to shore first to grab some gear, including backpacks they had to put on to run up a steep, rocky hill. Nelson was close behind. He passed Tori on the run and eventually CT to take first place.

They all reached a checkpoint with a puzzle where they had to arrange pieces of a wire to connect all across. Devin quickly solved it and took over first place.

agents in new cells for the challenge season 37 final
New cells formed with the agents in TJ Lavin’s Spies, Lies & Allies final. Pic credit: MTV

Devin got to two platforms with a sign specifying each needed to have four agents. It said to choose wisely as these would be their new cells. CT finished his puzzle and arrived next. He got on the platform with Devin, so they were on the same team.

Tori and Emy arrived next, so they got on the purple platform with Devin and CT. They were now the Purple Cell. The other competitors arrived. Kyle, Nelson, Nany, and Kaycee became the Orange Cell.

TJ told them they’d stay in the cells working together until he told them otherwise. He told them they didn’t want to be in the last place cell after today, “so don’t slow down.”

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