The Challenge Season 37, Episode 12 recap: Who went home from Spies, Lies & Allies elimination?

amanda garcia and nany gonzalez in the challenge 37 episode 12
Amanda Garcia tries to stop Nany Gonzalez during The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 12 mission. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge aired its 500th episode with Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 12, which featured several blowups, a physical daily mission, and a competitor bidding farewell at elimination.

The teams arrived back at headquarters in the opening scene with several people hugging Kyle Christie after his elimination win.

However, Nelson Thomas got right into his face and started yelling at Kyle for taking his spot on the Sapphire team, calling him out for being a “snake,” and smiling and laughing after what he did.

Security intervened to get them away from each other, but Nelson kept yelling about Kyle’s snake move. In a confessional, Ashley Mitchell suggested Nelson go into elimination and win to take his spot back if he wants it that badly.

The Challenge cast members talk team strategy

Cory Wharton spoke with his pal Nelson outside about them riding this to the final together. Nelson said as soon as he gets a shot, he’s trying to take out Kyle. Meanwhile, Kyle spoke with castmates about why he moved to Sapphire to run a final with CT Tamburello.

Emy Alupei chatted privately with CT. He suggested she volunteer for elimination and take on one of his teammates to get their spot. 

Josh Martinez talked to Ashley Mitchell and Amanda Garcia about who they should target for the next elimination. They said Emy would choose to take on Bettina Buchanan to get rid of her. Bettina was upset and spoke with Cory privately about people talking about her. He said he still has her back.

Teams compete in Brush Contact mission

Host TJ Lavin let everyone know this was the 500th episode and thanked viewers for watching. He introduced the competitors to their newest physical mission called Brush Contact.

It involved teams running bags of cash to a safe zone and then a final end zone. The team that moved the most money safely to the end zone would become The Agency.

The opposing teams got to try to stop the team on offense by tackling them to the ground to prevent them from moving the bags of cash.

Emerald Team ended up with $8,000 after they completed the mission. Sapphire Team ended up with $3,000. Ashley became irritated with Bettina for not helping her out with the two bags of cash she had. Bettina pointed that out she was the only one to get any money to the finish spot.

The Ruby Team went last and ended up with no money transferred due to being out of bounds or having their players stopped. Emerald was declared the winning team once again.

Emy blows up at the club, The Agency votes

Bettina told Tori she wanted to go in so she could decide her fate. She didn’t want to face Emy in a physical elimination, but a puzzle would be fine.

The cast went out for some fun at the club. Nelson pulled Kyle aside to speak about blowing up at him earlier. Kyle apologized and said he was selfish and thought about his game instead of his friends. In confessional, Kyle said he’d tell Nelson whatever he needed to hear to keep himself safe.

Bettina told her teammates she would choose to face Emy in a puzzle or Big T Fazakerley if it was something physical. Amanda went over and told Emy what was up to stir things up between her and Bettina.

Emy and Bettina talked about what was going on between them. Bettina was hurt when Emy said she felt she’d changed her behavior towards her, so Bettina walked off. That caused Emy to erupt and start yelling in the club as castmates tried to calm her down.

Back at headquarters, Amanda threatened Devin Walker that if she went into elimination and won, she’d choose to infiltrate his team. Later, the Emerald team spoke with Emy about getting voted in so she could choose her opponent. That set the stage for the voting later.

At deliberation, Bettina and Emy each tried to volunteer to go into the elimination. Emy wanted to go back with Uncle CT on Sapphire team. After voting, she ended up as the Compromised Agent.

Tori spoke with Bettina privately after the vote to apologize for not helping her out. She told Bettina to keep fighting because a million dollars is on the line.

CT talked strategy with Emy about choosing Big T as her opponent if the elimination looked physical. However, Amanda and Bettina were also possibilities.

Who went home from the Episode 12 elimination?

TJ called Emy down at The Lair as the Compromised Agent. He asked for her choice as an opponent, and she went with Bettina.

They competed in Bombs Away. They had to swing a missile towards a series of targets. The first one to hit five targets would win and the loser would go home.

Bettina struggled with the event as castmates felt she just wasn’t in the game and was already defeated before going in. Meanwhile, Emy picked up an early 2-0 lead.

bettina vs emy spies lies allies episode 12 elimination
Bettina Buchanan and Emy Alupei compete in Bombs Away elimination in Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 12. Pic credit: MTV

Unfortunately, Bettina couldn’t get it together and was unable to find a good strategy. Emy pulled away and got a 5-0 win to claim another elimination victory.

Bettina said she was happy to go home to her cat and friends, plus that she got to represent Sweden. She said she was rooting for Cory to win now.

TJ asked Emy to make her team decision and she chose to take Amanda’s spot on Sapphire team with Uncle CT. Their team now features CT, Kyle, Ashley, and Emy.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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