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The Challenge Season 37 elimination spoilers: More competitors sent home including former finalists

the challenge season 36 cast members during episode 6
The Challenge Season 37 eliminations could feature some big surprises. Pic credit: MTV

The upcoming season of MTV’s The Challenge will feature a large cast consisting of veterans and rookies from many different backgrounds. Based on Season 37 elimination spoilers and rumors about drama with the cast, things should get very interesting too.

During the Double Agents season, viewers watched as eliminations took place at The Crater, with competitors sent in by secret vote. They would face whoever the team that won the daily challenge decided to put against them, with that team able to volunteer themselves too.

It appears based on The Challenge Season 37 elimination spoilers, several former finalists are out of the running for a shot at winning it all in their latest appearances on the show.

As the title suggests, spoilers will follow in this report for the upcoming season of MTV’s The Challenge.

More The Challenge Season 37 elimination spoilers arrive

With Season 37 filming underway, things are in full swing with the fierce competition on The Challenge. That includes eliminations, and in one case, a certain competitor may have met their match or possibly have been humbled a bit in many fans’ minds.

An online forum thread has been regularly providing what are considered to be reliable updates about what’s going on with Season 37. Various online fan accounts also pick up on the latest updates and give fans spoiler alerts on social media.

The Instagram account @thechallengeseason36 provided one of the latest on May 26 (below), with a surprising reveal of a certain competitor getting sent home. It doesn’t give details about the elimination event or who their opponent was in the elimination.

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If true, that would bring Fessy Shafaat’s third season to his earliest finish in his Challenge career. The former Big Brother star debuted on the Total Madness season of The Challenge and made a name for himself as he advanced all the way to the final as a rookie. However, he finished runner-up to Johnny Bananas.

Fessy returned last season on Double Agents and once again made it to the final. However, his partner Kaycee Clark suffered a devastating injury, and despite her attempts to continue, they fell too far behind the other teams to continue. Host TJ Lavin also got on Fessy’s case as he wasn’t really participating in an eating checkpoint, while Kaycee was, despite her injury.

Season 36 also saw Fessy get much more spotlight during episodes, including an in-house argument with Kyle Christie and Devin Walker and his showmance with castmate Gabby Allen. There was also his revealed attraction to Tori Deal, which sparked rumors about them hooking up during the filming. However, Tori denied she cheated on her former fiance Jordan Wiseley during Double Agents filming.

Nonetheless, Fessy’s Double Agents season led to him being heavily featured during the reunion episodes, as several segments focused on his drama or situations with castmates. A few of those castmates will appear alongside him on Season 37, and there will also be eager rookies looking to prove themselves.

Another Vevmo elimination spoiler revealed that veteran competitor Aneesa Ferreira was also eliminated, possibly a few episodes ahead of Fessy. The two were teammates at the start and several other times during Double Agents season. Aneesa didn’t last until the final, as she was eliminated several episodes before it started.

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What’s known and unknown about the season?

With the filming now underway in Croatia, some details are rumored about what The Challenge Season 37 will bring. For example, it seems most of the cast is known, with many of the familiar faces returning from the Double Agents season. The only veteran cast member who is returning and wasn’t on Double Agents is Amanda Garcia.

The team format is once again pairs of male and female competitors, but this time the season features an American teamed up with an international competitor. For example, one reveal suggested that the UK’s Kyle Christie and Amanda Garcia were teamed up.

The other format revelation that has come out of spoilers is that there won’t be Skulls won or lost during eliminations. There will be voting on Season 37, and the winning team from the daily challenge gets to choose opponents, similar to Double Agents. Also similar to Double Agents, the winner in the elimination gets to choose a new team or teammate.

There are quite a few unknowns about the upcoming season. Those include why certain competitors went home, who’s in alliances, what the season is called, and how much prize money is on the line for the Season 37 final.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA on MTV for 2021.

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