The Challenge Season 36 finale: What to expect when Double Agents final arrives

tj lavin speaks to the challenge double agents competitors
TJ Lavin speaks to the competitors ahead of The Challenge: Double Agents final. Pic credit: MTV

For several episodes, it seemed like TJ Lavin’s final might be made up, with the host trolling the cast members. However, viewers got confirmation that the final will happen and saw actual footage when The Challenge 36 finale trailer recently arrived.

Now that the last elimination is out of the way and new teams are formed, it will send several worthy contenders to the final to compete for a million dollars in prize money.

With that hefty sum on the line, here’s some of what to expect when The Challenge: Double Agents final airs on MTV, including how many episodes it may be.

New teams competing, competitor hurt in The Challenge 36 final?

By the conclusion of Double Agents Episode 17, the latest elimination set in motion the formation of three brand new teams just before host TJ Lavin announced they were in the final.

Fessy Shafaat won the fourth Hall Brawl in The Challenge season, as Kyle Christie hurt his finger in the first round and was medically unable to continue competing. Once Kyle had departed, Fessy got to choose if he wanted to stay with Amber Borzotra as his partner, but he opted to partner up with Kaycee Clark.

Since Fessy stole Kaycee from Leroy Garrett, it meant Leroy could choose Nany Gonzalez or Amber Borzotra. He went with his former Real World castmate and good friend Nany. Since Chris “CT” Tamburello was the Rogue Agent and Amber had no partner, they became teammates by default.

Kam Williams and Cory Wharton were already Double Agents, so they’ll be competing in the final as a top-notch team.

Once all teams were set, TJ said since everyone had a partner and a Gold Skull, it was finally time to head to the final. Once the episode ended, a sneak peek trailer (below) showed off a bit of what’s on the way.

It appears it’ll be another race through a mountain area in Iceland with various checkpoints, challenges, and puzzles along the way. TJ is heard telling the agents, “Not all of you are gonna see Day two.”

In part of the trailer, Fessy and CT are grappling with each other to try to get a look at a canister featuring a color code on it. That canister looks similar to the one the entire field of competitors was battling over in the first episode’s daily mission.

Amber coughs up something in another scene, which could be disgusting food, a weird drink, or her own blood. The female competitors are also shown battling on a hill before they’re racing down a narrow rocky path. Footage from a Go-Pro cam shows one of them as they slip and fall. Someone is heard yelling out in pain, which could be a bad sign of what’s to come for one team.

When is The Challenge: Double Agents final?

In previous seasons of The Challenge, they stretched the final across two episodes to leave viewers in suspense as to who might win. However, that wasn’t the case for the Total Madness final last season.

MTV was able to condense the Season 35 final into just one episode, so it’s possible they could do the same for the Double Agents final. However, an IMDB listing shows entries for two upcoming episodes, each of which mentions the final.

The Challenge Season 36 final will officially start in Episode 18, set to air on MTV on Wednesday, April 14 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time (7 p.m. CT).

If the final goes across two episodes, the conclusion will be featured during Episode 19, possibly airing on April 21.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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