The Challenge Season 36 finale: Sneak peek shows competitors preparing for Double Agents final

the challenge host tj lavin will put the double agents through tough final
TJ Lavin’s final will officially begin in The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 18. Pic credit: MTV

It’s been a long time, but competitors have been finalized to run in TJ Lavin’s final after weeks of grueling daily challenges, eliminations, and strategizing.

A preview of The Challenge: Double Agents shows off all of the competitors during their club night as they look back at the season and look ahead with motivation to win the final.

Keep in mind, this report contains spoilers up through Episode 17 of Season 36, where TJ Lavin made the big announcement about the final.

The Challenge: Double Agents preview includes agents’ motivations

Four pairs of teammates will be headed to The Challenge: Double Agents final, including a new competitor who showed themselves to be stronger than the rest of her rookie class.

That’s none other than Amber Borzotra, and while she started the game thinking that she was tight with the Big Brother alliance, it changed in the later episodes.

However, the talented rookie went 2-0 in Hall Brawl eliminations to claim and later keep her Skull. She ultimately punched her ticket to TJ’s final, and even better for her, she’s got one of the all-time greats as her teammate.

Enter Chris “CT” Tamburello, who is delighted to have someone with endurance as his partner. CT realizes his latest teammate in the game is looking to prove herself to the other Big Brother stars and tells her he can handle all the puzzles.

There’s also Cory Wharton. He set a unique record this season and is now going to his fourth final in eight appearances. His motivation is to “beat Fessy” due to their situation earlier in the season, as they had some issues after Nelson Thomas’s elimination. Cory also realizes that he and Fessy used each other to get to where they are.

The Challenge MTV Instagram unveiled a sneak peek of part of Episode 18 below featuring the competitors at the club.

Also shown in the preview footage above is Leroy Garrett. He announced that this would be his final season of The Challenge ahead of the season airing. However, none of his cast members, aside from girlfriend Kam Williams, seemed to know about it.

Leroy will embark on the final alongside his former Real World: Las Vegas castmate and longtime friend, Nany Gonzalez, who has yet to win a final. Leroy’s girlfriend Kam is also in the final, partnered with Cory, giving the power couple two shots at winning big prize money. Just like all other competitors in the final besides CT, Kam has yet to win a final.

Last but not least is the team of Kaycee Clark and Fessy Shafaat. The Big Brother stars are in their second season of The Challenge. For Double Agents, they effectively used an alliance and solid connections to control a lot in the house. Also, they each proved themselves in eliminations and daily missions against seasoned competitors. Now they’re going to their second-straight final.

One million dollars is on the line as the agents begin their quest to win that serious money in Iceland.

How long is the Double Agents final?

While The Challenge: Total Madness final lasted just one episode for Season 35, it appears this one will be two parts. Based on the Episode 18 details, the final begins tonight with the potential for a cliffhanger.

The Challenge Season 36, Episode 18, airs on Wednesday, April 14, and is also just over an hour long. That’s shorter than most of the episodes this season which went for nearly an hour and a half each.

The second part of the final, aka the Season 36 finale, will likely occur in Episode 19 on Wednesday, April 21. There will also be a Double Agents reunion special. That may be aired on MTV or posted online via The Challenge YouTube channel.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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