The Challenge Season 36, Episode 18 details tease ‘shocking revelation’ that could impact one team in TJ’s final

chris ct tamburello in the challenge double agents episode
Chris “CT” Tamburello is hoping his new teammate is the right one for TJ’s final. Pic credit: MTV

For those wondering if and when TJ Lavin’s final would happen on The Challenge: Double Agents, it’s finally on the way. Based on recent details in Episode 17 and a synopsis for the next episode of Season 36, viewers are about to see the competition really unfold and possibly unravel for one team.

The Challenge’s TJ gave the remaining competitors some interesting words to close out Episode 17, and the cast members seemed rather giddy after his announcement. However, the preview trailer tells a different story about how excited they’ll be.

For those viewers who have yet to watch Double Agents up through Episode 17, there will be spoilers in the following report. Otherwise read on for the latest about what’s on the way in The Challenge Season 36, Episode 18.

Details for The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 18

It’s finally time. TJ has let competitors know all season they’d need to be ready for anything, and now they’ll need to be extra prepared when the Double Agents final starts. It’ll start in Episode 18, with four pairs of teammates beginning their quest to win big prize money in Iceland.

There’s a total of one million dollars on the line, so hopefully, everyone has the best teammate for them. There’s already a teaser that one Double Agents competitor might have a big issue in just the first part of the final, and episode details may confirm it.

Synopsis details for Episode 18 are available through TV Guide and IMDB listings. The episode is called No Time to Die, a reference to the upcoming James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig. Will viewers get to see a new trailer or teaser during commercial breaks for the 007 film?

“The remaining eight agents arrive at TJ’s final and begin their most grueling mission of the season; one team’s fate hangs in the balance after a shocking revelation,” according to Episode 18 details.

During the Total Madness final last season, viewers watched as several competitors chose to quit due to being unable to compete. Could something else be on the way, or possibly cheating by one team gets them disqualified?

The Challenge spoilers: Trailer may have hinted at ‘shocking revelation’

After Double Agents Episode 17, they rolled out a sneak peek trailer for the upcoming episode. It shows the competitors embarking on the start of the final. Along the way, one of the competitors slips as they’re running down a narrow rocky path, possibly in the hills or a mountain trail area.

It appears that Kaycee Clark is the one who fell based on the trailer, as her voice seems to be the one screaming in pain. That suggests that possibly Kaycee tripped or landed awkwardly on her foot while running. Based on the Episode 18 synopsis, that may be the revelation affecting her ability to continue.

“Not all of you are gonna see Day 2,” TJ says in part of the trailer below.

As viewers saw, after Fessy Shafaat won another Hall Brawl elimination in Episode 17, he was able to decide if he wanted to keep Amber Borzotra as his partner. He chose to steal Kaycee from Leroy Garrett so they’d be together just in time for the final. Kaycee may have also done something wise in Episode 17, which helped make sure she was available for Fessy to choose at The Crater.

After a season in which Fessy seemed to not like working with any of his female teammates, this could be a major setback for the former Big Brother star and his teammate if they’re disqualified so quickly. Viewers will be interested in seeing how the other new teams perform in TJ’s final. That includes Chris “CT” Tamburello with rookie Amber Borzotra, Nany Gonzalez with Leroy, and the relatively new pairing of Kam with Cory Wharton.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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