The Challenge Season 36, Episode 15 synopsis gives details for Never Say Never Again

tj lavin informs double agents competitors nobody is in the final yet
The Challenge: Double Agents host TJ Lavin informs competitors nobody is in the final yet. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge Season 36, Episode 15 looks to provide more drama as the competitors get even closer to TJ Lavin’s final. Not only is one player seeking their Gold Skull, but two others are looking to be top dogs in the game.

A plot synopsis for the new episode called Never Say Never Again gives viewers the details of what to expect when MTV’s latest installment of The Challenge arrives.

While there may not be any major surprises, fans are still wondering what may happen to the agents in this pivotal episode with the final on the way.

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The Challenge 36, Episode 15 to feature final Skull battle?

In Double Agents Episode 14, Cory Wharton was able to get into elimination and defeat Darrell Taylor in Snapping Point to send the OG home. That gave Cory a Gold Skull and meant there are now just five male competitors remaining. Every male has a Gold Skull.

However, that’s not the same situation for the females. Five competitors have Gold Skulls, as Aneesa Ferreira, Kam Williams, Kaycee Clark, Nany Gonzalez, and Amber Borzotra have earned theirs. However, Tula “Big T” Fazakerley is left Skull-less, and it seems she will be doing what she can to go battle for one.

Based on the Episode 15 plot synopsis, “the last agent without a Gold Skull desperately hopes to finally earn a ticket into TJ’s final.”

The synopsis also mentions what was revealed in the Episode 15 sneak peek trailer with a Skydiving mission and the Chris “CT” Tamburello vs. Fessy Shafaat club drama.

Double Agents final around the corner

As of right now, IMDB lists Episode 16 for The Challenge: Double Agents for Wednesday, March 31. The episode is untitled, and it’s unclear if this will serve as the finale. It’s worth noting that Season 35, aka Total Madness, had 16 episodes.

The way it looks that will probably be the episode containing the start or second half of TJ Lavin’s final. It could also mean that some competitors will have to face elimination again to drop the number of competitors down.

After one more female elimination event, there will be exactly five males and five females remaining for Double Agents.

Fans may recall that five male and four female competitors were part of the final for Total Madness. Johnny Bananas eliminated Rogan O’Connor at the final, which reduced it to just four men competing. They also included Fessy, Kyle Christie, and Cory. Bananas later finished the final in first place and claimed his seventh win. His three runner-up competitors seem headed to the Double Agents final.

There were originally four females, but Bayleigh Dayton and Melissa Reeves each withdrew from the game during the final. That left Jennifer West and Kaycee Clark to compete in the final, with Jenny winning it for the ladies.

Nonetheless, Episode 15 should set the stage for something similar in terms of competitors and the final format. With Amber B. as a Rogue Agent, she seems just about guaranteed a spot in the final, barring one of TJ’s famous twists.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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