The Challenge rumors: Mark Long addresses All Stars 4 cast speculation for frustrated fans

mark long in the challenge all stars season 1
Mark Long appears in an elimination event during The Challenge: All Stars. Pic credit: Paramount+

With fans anticipating another season of The Challenge: All Stars spinoff, recent rumors had many worried about the show.

While a fourth season is in the works and expected to begin filming, the cast has yet to be revealed in any way, whether through online spoilers or an official confirmation.

Recent speculation suggested that the All Stars 4 cast might include individuals that weren’t usually part of the spinoff for the first time since its premiere season several years ago.

It caused fans to express frustration online, suggesting it was against what the show was about.

However, The Godfather Mark Long jumped in to clear things up, seemingly suggesting The Challenge: All Stars 4 cast will be fine.

This report may contain light spoilers about The Challenge: All Stars 4 season and some of its cast members.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 cast rumors

Fans were in a frenzy as of Saturday when The Challenge superfan and insider @GamerVev fired off a tweet involving hearing some “rumblings” about the All Stars 4 cast.

Based on GamerVev’s comments, the cast of the All Stars 4 spinoff might involve cast members who weren’t originally on MTV’s The Real World, Road Rules, Fresh Meat, or MTV’s Challenge shows.

rumors about challenge all stars 4 gamervev
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

As one can imagine, that had many fans frustrated, as the show’s premise involved bringing back OGs from MTV’s previous years of those shows. Many hadn’t been on The Challenge in a while and were returning to compete after establishing lives away from reality TV.

More than a few fans replied to GamerVev’s tweet, indicating their disinterest in a Challenge spinoff that included non-OGs in the cast. Fans used GIFs and comments to express disapproval.

“This is bad. There are tons of past cast members who want to do it yet aren’t being called,” a fan commented.

fan comments about all stars 4 rumors
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

One fan even tagged Mark, who was instrumental in starting the “We Want OGs” project and eventually helping make it into what is known as The Challenge: All Stars.

fan tags mark long all stars 4 tweet
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

Mark Long comments on All Stars 4 speculation

The Godfather noticed some of the comments about All Stars 4, including one fan’s tweet where they tagged him and “if they cast non-RW/RR/FM for All Stars 4,” it wouldn’t be something fans would want.

Mark replied with a simple “They won’t” and a wink face emoji, suggesting the fourth season will still follow a similar format as the first three.

mark long tweets about all stars 4
Pic credit: @TheMarkLong/Twitter

With Mark’s reply, it seems The Challenge: All Stars 4 is on the right track, as far as many fans are concerned. As of this writing, it’s unknown who will be in the cast exactly, although another rumor suggests there will be returning competitors from the first three seasons.

At least two All Stars 3 competitors received calls based on a video that surfaced online. Along with that, another rumor suggests there could be a surprise OG coming to the cast if Mark can work some magic.

Regarding All Stars 4’s arrival, Monsters and Critics previously reported speculation that filming will begin in January 2023, as potential cast members are currently completing background and health checks. That could mean an All Stars 4 premiere episode by March or April 2023.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV. The Challenge: All Stars episodes are available on Paramount Plus.

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