The Challenge: Ride or Dies winner Tori Deal responds to claims she and Devin Walker cheated in the final

tori deal in the challenge season 37
Tori Deal says The Challenge had to respect her diet during the Ride or Dies final. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Ride or Dies season recently concluded with an intense 100-hour final in Argentina, putting the competitors to the test.

In the end, the team of Devin Walker and Tori Deal claimed the Season 38 championship, becoming $1 million richer with the win.

However, ahead of that win, there were some claims about potential cheating — or at least some circumventing the rules for one part of the final.

Those claims came via their castmate, Johnny Bananas, who brought up the bolas toss checkpoint, where competitors had to successfully throw 10 bolas onto vertical bars across from them on a field.

That part of the final also included competitors getting to sabotage their opponents by giving them a large pitcher of a disgusting fish guts smoothie each time they successfully landed one of their bolas on their vertical bars.

While Bananas and others claim that Tori and Devin got away with something at this part of the final, the Ride or Dies winner recently commented about the situation.

Tori says Ride or Dies situation was “production’s fault,” not cheating

During a recent Instagram Q&A session, Ride or Dies champ Tori Deal reacted and responded to the claim she and Devin got away with something they shouldn’t have during the season’s final.

Viewers watched as the four teams in the final each had to drink multiple pitchers of the disgusting smoothies before they could move on from the bolas checkpoint.

However, it was mentioned that Tori’s vegan, and since the drink contained fish guts, she wouldn’t drink it. That meant Devin drank all of theirs while the rest of the teams had both teammates participate in drinking the dreaded beverage.

A fan asked Tori how she felt about the claims she cheated by not having to drink the disgusting shakes, and Tori gave an interesting response.

“That was productions fault. They gave us the green light to go without fully explaining the rules. then production pulled us over during the tire checkpoint and gave Devin two more glasses to drink… so that wasn’t our fault,” Tori shared.

Tori shares why The Challenge has to respect her diet

In another Q&A slide, a fan asked Tori if she felt the same teammate concept should’ve applied to the opposing team of Olivia Kaiser and Horacio Gutierrez at the slingshot checkpoint.

That’s where Olivia suffered that horrific injury as she attempted to fire the giant slingshot at its target, but things went terribly wrong. She had already torn one of her fingers during the previous bolas toss, making it hard to aim and shoot at the checkpoint. The slingshot became twisted, and it backfired, shooting the golf ball right into her face.

Moments later, Olivia was shown bloodied up and ultimately needed medical attention. She was taken away via ambulance to the hospital, and her teammate was told they could no longer continue in the final.

Based on Tori’s reply, she said that it “was so awful” what happened to Olivia, and for the “sake of Olivia’s face,” Horacio should’ve been able to shoot the slingshot for both of them.

However, Tori brought up that her veganism is in her contract with The Challenge, which meant they couldn’t force her to do that aspect of the final, and they have to “respect” her diet.

While some may feel Tori and Devin cheated, it seems production respected Tori’s contract. Challenge fans who watched the All Stars 3 final saw a situation with Nehemiah Clark, who was a vegetarian, eat the disgusting meats required of the finalists.

Upon Tori and Devin winning Ride or Dies, the two newest MTV Challenge champs showed their generosity to the rest of the finalists, giving all six of them $38,000 apiece from their prize money.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies Reunion Part 1 airs Wednesday, February 22, at 8/7c on MTV.

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