The Challenge’s Johnny Bananas reveals how one team cheated in Ride or Dies final

johnny bananas in the challenge ride or dies episode 13
Johnny Bananas called out one team for breaking the rules in the Ride or Dies final. Pic credit: MTV

With The Challenge: Ride or Dies final officially underway, seven-time champion Johnny Bananas is sharing how two of the finalists cheated during the event.

Bananas is among the competitors remaining in the grueling 100-hour event, which has him teamed up with castmate Nany Gonzalez. Other teams include Jordan Wiseley with Aneesa Ferreira and Devin Walker with Tori Deal.

According to Bananas, the latter team bent the rules during one of the checkpoints involving players having to throw bolas.

Each team was required to toss bolas at their set of vertical bars set up across from them on a field. The goal was to land 10 bolas to move on to the next checkpoint. There was also the option to sabotage other teams during this event.

Whenever a team successfully got one of their bolas onto the bars, they could gift a pitcher full of a grotesque fish guts smoothie to another team of their choice. After getting 10 bolas onto their bars, the teams had to down each pitcher of the drink they were sabotaged with to move on.

During this aspect of the final, Bananas suggests Tori and Devin broke the rules yet didn’t get penalized for it.

Johnny Bananas calls out team for cheating in The Challenge: Ride or Dies final

Each week, Bananas brings out a new episode of his podcast show, Death, Taxes, and Bananas, where he mostly talks about all things from The Challenge. During a recent installment, he pointed out how Tori and Devin cheated in the Ride or Dies final and got away with it.

“Tori and Devin, the reason that they were in the position they were in, is because they didn’t follow the rules with the drinking on the bolas,” he said during the podcast.

“If I put a cup on you, that was your cup to drink. You could only put your cup on other people. You weren’t allowed to take the cup that I put on you and put that on someone else,” Bananas explained.

“And that’s what they did. They were taking everyone’s cups and putting them, so all that they had at the end was their own. … They should’ve had to come back and do it, but whatever. Water under the bridge,” The Challenge star said.

As viewers saw in the first part of the final, Tori and Devin jumped out to a good lead over the other teams, seeming to be much farther ahead of them on the course.

However, Nany and Bananas took over the lead toward the end of Ride or Dies Episode 18, thanks to an eating checkpoint that required the players to consume large amounts of spaghetti, bread, and chocolate ice cream.

Bananas accused his Ride or Dies castmates of cheating before

This isn’t the first time during the Ride or Dies season that Bananas suggested unfair circumstances during an event. The seven-time champ previously weighed in about one of the earlier daily challenges.

The Episode 12 event featured Fessy’s team versus Moriah’s team as the competitors had to drop out of helicopters into targets of various sizes floating on the water below.

The challenge involved dropping into the target, then swimming to a dock out in the water. The smaller the target the competitor dropped into, the more points it was worth.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Bananas suggested his castmate Jordan didn’t accurately land inside the target he was given points for.

“There’s a ZERO Percent chance Jordan hit the target! This just confirms what we saw from the shore. Literally the only pair we didn’t get a Birds Eye view shot from the chopper splashing down. I can’t imagine why,” Bananas tweeted.

As mentioned, Bananas and his partner are currently in the lead as they head into the grand finale, with many fans anxious to see if The Challenge legend captures his eighth championship and helps Nany get her first.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies finale airs Wednesday, February 15 at 8/7c on MTV.

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