The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 18 recap: Final continues with swamp swim, eating, and injury woes

aneesa ferreira in the challenge ride or dies final
Aneesa Ferreira deals with her stress over a difficult injury in The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 18. Pic credit: MTV

As the next installment of the final opened, Jordan Wiseley and Aneesa Ferreira were at the slingshot checkpoint and seemed to complete it quickly.

Host TJ Lavin was following along on an ATV and told Devin Walker and Tori Deal they were doing great as they were still in the lead.

Their next checkpoint involved a series of puzzles, including one where they had to swim out to a platform and retrieve their pieces.

Devin and Tori were able to get all their puzzle pieces to get started on solving the puzzle. However, the puzzle’s answer key was far from the checkpoint, so one individual had to run over to it, climb onto a pole to view it above the ground and run back with info to convey to their partner.

Nany Gonzalez and Johnny Bananas soon caught up and started on their puzzle checkpoint in the swamp.

Devin and Tori started arguing a bit for the first time in the final, as Devin was yelling for Tori to move a bit quicker to get info from the answer key.

They still finished the checkpoint first. Jordan Wiseley and Aneesa Ferreira eventually caught up to the others and finished one of their puzzle stations.

Aneesa’s Ride or Dies injury struggles bring an argument

Aneesa was feeling the pain from rolling her ankle earlier when they went off the trail. Jordan was trying to get her to move faster despite the injury.

At the puzzle station, Bananas suggested to Jordan they help each other on their last puzzle because they’d all get to sleep some if they solved it. They completed their puzzles to join Tori and Devin at the campsite.

As the teams rested around a campfire with tents, a medic bandaged Aneesa’s hurt ankle for her. Aneesa was in tears as Jordan complained about the injury situation.

The two teammates got into a shouting match, as Jordan was frustrated, and Aneesa felt it was his fault for suggesting she go off the course in the woods when they were running earlier in the final.

Tori tried to comfort Aneesa, who was upset that Jordan wasn’t showing her any compassion or support for her injury. Tori asked Aneesa if she planned to quit, and she said she wouldn’t.

In a confessional the next day, Jordan said he woke up and decided to be more supportive of Aneesa in the final. She showed her ankle, and it looked purple.

TJ showed up and revealed they were starting the 50th hour of the final. It began with another foot race to get to the sixth station, which had three cars, each a different color. The catch was that they didn’t have motors, so competitors needed to push them down the dirt or mud road.

Devin and Tori were still in the lead, and since they arrived at the car checkpoint first, they chose an orange car that wasn’t in the mud, thinking it would be easier to push down the road.

Bananas and Nany were next but chose a car that was possibly more difficult to push in the mud. Jordan and Aneesa were still in third place due to Aneesa’s injury. However, Jordan’s encouragement helped a lot, and they eventually got the car push done together.

The Challengers partake in a serious buffet and a new team takes the lead

An eating checkpoint was next on the agenda as nightfall arrived. They had huge plates filled with bread and pasta, minus the sauce. TJ said they had to finish all of their food to continue.

Devin started to vomit as Bananas and Nany were shoveling down their food. Eventually, multiple competitors were shown puking in a montage, with TJ laughing the entire time.

Bananas and Nany finished all their pasta and bread, but then TJ brought out two large bowls of chocolate ice cream for them to consume. They finally finished the dessert, and TJ said they’d moved into first place.

Everyone finished the eating station and went to their tents to rest. The following morning, an on-screen clock revealed 35 hours left in the final.

As the finalists woke up, they spotted a helicopter with The Challenge logo flying nearby. Everyone started rushing toward the helicopter’s landing spot so they could move on to the next installment of the final.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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