The Challenge: Ride or Dies final sneak peek reveals Aneesa Ferreira in explosive argument with castmate

aneesa ferreira in the challenge ride or dies
Aneesa Ferreira’s injury could hurt her and Jordan Wiseley in the Ride or Dies finale. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Ride or Dies is set to crown a pair of winners with Season 38, Episode 18 the next installment of a grueling 100-hour final.

That event has already claimed one pair, with the rookie team of Olivia Kaiser and Horacio Gutierrez ousted due to Olivia’s unfortunate injury she suffered due to a backfiring slingshot.

However, teases of the upcoming episode suggest that another team could be on the way out, as Aneesa Ferreira also suffered an injury during the first part of the final.

In a sneak peek scene ahead of Episode 18 airing on MTV, a teary-eyed Aneesa is getting her ankle bandaged up by medics as her castmates remain nearby.

She ultimately blows up at her teammate, Jordan Wiseley, blaming him for her injury due to his suggestion they take a different path during a foot race in the final.

This report will contain spoilers from the upcoming finale of The Challenge: Ride or Dies.

Aneesa screams at Jordan in The Challenge: Ride or Dies final

Team chemistry is important for winning the Ride or Dies final, and based on the upcoming footage, a falling out between partners Aneesa and Jordan is on the way.

In Ride or Dies Episode 17, viewers saw Aneesa roll her ankle while running off the main path for a course competitors had to run on during the final. Going off the path was Jordan’s suggestion, and the injury has seemingly hindered his and Aneesa’s chances to win the final.

In the sneak peek clip, Aneesa has tears running down her face as she’s getting a bandage wrapped around her ankle, although her and Jordan’s fate hasn’t been revealed.

Nonetheless, Jordan isn’t too happy and seems to blame the injury on Aneesa, but she throws it back at him that she took the other route after he advised her to do so.

“No wonder it’s been 13 years,” a frustrated Jordan says in the footage, drawing a look from Aneesa.

Devin Walker brings up how the poor communication between other teams has him convinced he and teammate Tori Deal are the “strongest pair.”

“Being a f***ing d***head like this…Well, I’m sorry I hurt myself during it, so f**k you, Jordan,” Aneesa screams at him, with castmates remaining quiet.

Jordan suggests, “We should be done,” with Aneesa yelling at him to “Shut the f**k up.” They continue shouting at each other as the footage ends.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies winners to be decided

Heading into Episode 18 of Ride or Dies, just three pairs remain in the game. Three-time champ Jordan is there with Aneesa, as well as last season’s finalists, Tori and Devin.

Seven-time champion Johnny Bananas is also still among the finalists as he seeks his eighth win on The Challenge. He’s teamed up with Nany Gonzalez, who wants to win her first.

The opening part of the final claimed the impressive rookie team of Horacio and Olivia. Not only did Olivia suffer a torn finger during a bolas toss checkpoint, but she later broke her face in a horrific injury involving a slingshot.

That sent her and Horacio home, as Olivia was taken away by ambulance, and the team was told they couldn’t continue due to her injury.

One of the final three teams is going to claim $1 million in prize money. Viewers will see the next part of the season’s final when Episode 18 officially arrives on MTV on Wednesday, February 8.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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