The Challenge Season 38, Episode 18 synopsis teases ‘gruesome feast’ and ‘explosive argument’ for final

the challenge ride or dies host tj lavin
TJ Lavin informs The Challenge: Ride or Dies finalists about what’s on the way. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Ride or Dies final will continue and likely conclude with winners crowned in the upcoming 18th episode of the season.

A synopsis has revealed what viewers can expect to see go down when things pick up where they left off, including a “gruesome feast” and “explosive argument.”

Things got off to a crazy start for competitors, as host TJ Lavin revealed they’d be participating in a 100-hour final to prove they had what it takes to claim the $1 million in prize money.

However, one team already saw their chance at fortune and fame fade away, thanks to several brutal injuries one player suffered.

Another player also suffered a difficult injury, which looks like it will play into Ride or Dies Episode 18, possibly hindering their team’s shot at winning.

This report will contain spoilers from the Ride or Dies season, including Episode 17 of the final.

The Challenge Season 38, Episode 18 synopsis

In Ride or Dies Episode 17, four teams started out competing for a shot to win $1 million but were presented with what could be the most intense and grueling final in Challenge history.

TJ told the eight finalists they’d have a final spanning 100 hours, and viewers watched as some of the tasks they participated in caused injuries to competitors. One team was already taken out of the game due to their inability to continue, and another duo could suffer a similar fate.

The synopsis for Episode 18, called The Hours, shares that a competitor’s injury will come into play as they try to win the final.

“An injury threatens one pair’s fate in the game. A gruesome feast brings out the competitive eater in one player. The tension between a Ride or Die pair leads to an explosive argument,” the IMDB synopsis reads.

The synopsis makes it clear that competitors will be eating more disgusting foods, which has become a tradition during finals in The Challenge’s history. In the first part of the final, drinking pitchers full of a smoothie that contained fish guts was a requirement to pass one checkpoint.

It also appears to hint that the team of Johnny Bananas and Nany Gonzalez could experience more communication issues. In Episode 17, Nany expressed her displeasure with Bananas’ goofing around as she wants to win her first Challenge final.

Injuries have hindered several Ride or Dies teams

As mentioned, injuries hit several teams in the Ride or Dies final. The first was Olivia Kaiser, who cut open her finger while participating in the bolas toss at one checkpoint. While she got that attended to by medics and bandaged up, a worse injury was on the way.

During a checkpoint where competitors used a giant slingshot to try to shoot out targets with golf balls, Olivia suffered the misfortune of having the slingshot backfire. With that, a golf ball struck her in the face, leaving her bloodied and unable to compete as she was taken away via ambulance.

It meant the season was officially over for the rookie and her Ride or Dies teammate, Horacio Gutierrez, trimming the field of teams down to three.

Along with Nany and Bananas, other teams competing include Tori Deal with Devin Walker and Jordan Wiseley with Aneesa Ferreira.

The latter of these teams was also hit by a rough injury, as Aneesa rolled or twisted her ankle while trying to run with Jordan to a checkpoint. The veteran cast member has been limping throughout the final, but in Episode 18, she may decide she can no longer continue with the injury, causing her and Jordan’s disqualification.

Viewers will see the conclusion of the Ride or Dies final on MTV on Wednesday, February 8, to find out which team gets to the finish line and can call themselves the Season 38 champs.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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